Saturday, May 8, 2010

What the Buck?!

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 85 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

I canna BELIEVE I haven't mentioned Willy B. MacKenzie - aka Buck yet. I am so on the fence about this guy. I LOATHED him when he screwed Roger over, almost getting him killed. But now... sheesh.. I dunno.. he's helping Roger. And he's being honest. He told him he went through his study and read everything he could get his hands on. So far, he has been good with the kids.. and polite enough to Brianna... so I'm thinking "Geez - is this one of those times you have to be nice to someone who was a douche at one point, because he's family?" I dinna know.

What I DO KNOW is that JEM IS GONE!!!  Mandy woke up screaming... and Bree called to see if Jem was where he was supposed to be.. and all I could think was "Wow Bree is going to look like a complete ass calling someone's house at 3AM if Jem's sound asleep in bed." (Am I the only one who sometimes focuses on completely inane things??) But now Roger and Buck (who I want to stay in the 1980s, y'all, I don't know why) are crawling up to the stones to see if Jem's there and the stones are screaming  and and....

And I had to take my OWN IAN TO SOCCER, darnit!!!!

More later!!


  1. Here's what I think about Bucky Buck:
    • From the time RogerMac found him in the kirk, I pretty much pegged him as a red herring--we knew from his past that he had done some pretty awful things and might certainly suspect him if something were to happen to Bree/Rog and Co.--but at the end of the day, Buck to me is someone who's more than a bit of an idiot and a doosh, but not pure evil, ken? Tho I did enjoy RogerMac giving him a good smackdown. ;-)

    • I love love LOVE the way he can now be used as a device for seeing 18th century reactions to 20th century stuff. Now, HERSELF has made it verra clear that our Jamie will NEVER go through the stones--but c'mon--we've ALL wondered at one time or another what his reaction would be to everything from airplanes to foods to TV/movies, etc. (My own personal favorite is imagining Jamie in Costco.) So by sending Buckeroo Banzai through the stones, we're FINALLY getting to see a reaction to "now" from someone "then." It's not Jamie's reaction--but still, I got a kick out of everything Buck reacted to from the present time.

  2. Well, the funny thing for me was that I had started the book way back in September and just recently finished in early May (It was sooooo hard getting through the beginning, especially the first William parts! FYI-I love William now though) So, when I got to the return of Uncle Buck, I was like....wait, who is this guy?? Oh Yeah...wait, I hate you! But, I was so happy that Roger Mac put Buck in his place! That's when I got on board with not hating him; I think he changed his demeanor once things were explained to him about Morag.

  3. I can honestly say I think I dig Buck. I hated him when he tried to have Roger killed.... but I dunno... he's been pretty cool in the 20th century. I almost feel like he and Roger are becoming a team. It's kindof cute. (I must sound like a complete moron by saying that, I realize. LOL)

  4. Can I just say that I never trusted Rob Cameron. Ever! From the moment I saw at Lodge and he read the book "accidentally" he was giving me crazy stalker and 18th century vibes.

    So I have a crazy theory - that somehow he's the man that Jamie and Jem saw in that cave or whatever where Jamie and Ian have now decided to hide the hold. I can't to see how this all pans out. OMG poor Jem :'-(