Saturday, May 8, 2010

An Open Letter to Herself

SPOILER ALERT: DINNA read unless you have read Chapter 86 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

Dear Diana Gabaldon,

Might I say that you - I mean thee -  have completely outdone yourself on chapter 86 of "An Echo in the Bone" with Dottie showing up at Denzell's room. Every time you - I mean thee - write a scene like this, and share it with the world,  I feel a warm glow that travels up from my toes and spreads through my stomach in a great flurry like that of a good whisk(no e)y buzz.

I. Am. HOWLING at the hilariousness of this scene. It's classic cinema; a scene that burns to be brought forth on the big screen. Watching Rachel watch Dottie try to make her Lady-self into a Quaker makes me laugh so hard I just might tinkle in my trousers. (Please excuse the vulgarity of the prior statement, but goshdarnit; it's true.)

I hope you - thee - will accept my warm thanks for making my life a ridiculously fun place to be at this verra second.

Warmest regards,
Purgatory Carol

PS: I hope you didn't kill Young Ian because that will just throw me right over the edge.

Post Scriptum Scriptum: LOVED the Valley Forge scene. I'll give you a tour sometime if you ever make it to southeastern Pennsylvania and are looking for something to do. Just in case you're wondering if I truly love Valley Forge as much as I have lamented about in the past, please do have a gander at one of my (rather ridiculous) wedding photos below, taken in Valley Forge Park in 1993. (And please dinna laugh too hard at my hair. Again - it was 1993. My headpiece was a BOW for god's sake. Ahhh 90s fashion.) And notice, if you will, who is standing to my left in this shot. None other than Twitter Tracey, herself! And here we are - 17 years later - still putting our mugs in front of the camera!


  1. God I loved those bridesmaids dresses back then... LOL

  2. You gals look spectacular!

    I have family in King of Prussia and remember quite fondly several family picnics in (at?) Valley Forge. Waaay back in the 70s when I was but a bairn.

  3. Tracey are you being a wiseguy or did you really like the dress? I tried to be not-so-bridesmaidy... I remember that.

    Laura - my 1st grade class took a field trip to Valley Forge Park (they were big took us all of 4 minutes to get there) and we found a cellar door and were convinced George Washington was buried under it.

  4. No--LOVED the dress. It sort of reminded me of my 8th grade graduation dress, which I also loved.