Friday, May 21, 2010


I have this problem. I make things harder than they have to be. When my house is a mess, I see the whole house simultaneously in my brain and get so overwhelmed I don't know what to do... instead of taking one room at a time.

When I saw the Book and Writers' Community over at Compuserve, I was panicked by the vast number of posts... and stared at my computer screen like Cindy Brady stared at the red light during the quiz show ("Baton Rouge, Cindy! Baton Rouge!").. instead of just picking a topic and replying.

When I've thought about posting my casting choices for Outlander movie/series, there were some I didn't have pegged... and I have put off posting a casting entry forever... because I was waiting until I knew who I wanted for everyone.

Well NO MORE! Today I jumped in over at Compuserve (Karen are you proud of me?!).... and I am going to post some casting choices momentarily. So sit right back and you'll hear a tale...

And oh yeah... my house. Weeeeel... (rubs chin).. 2 outta 3 ain't bad!


  1. You did just fine, Carol, and I'm delighted to see you posting over there, finally. :-)


  2. I'm wanting to jump on the compuserve band wagon too! I'm just having a hard time creating an account :( After I fill out the "create an account" information they tell me an error has occured and the page shuts down. Any tips?

  3. Megs:

    I am not an expert at troubleshooting Compuserve login problems, by any means, but I'll tell you what I can:

    1) Make sure you are trying to log in from the right place.

    2) What browser are you using?

    Are you using the Safari web browser on a Mac? If so, don't. Safari doesn't work well at all with the Compuserve forum, and we strongly recommend using Firefox instead (available for download here)

    Are you using Internet Explorer version 8? The newest version of IE has been giving forum members problems. I don't have IE 8 myself, so I can't give you exact instructions, but from what I understand, it should work if you access the site in "compatibility mode" (and no, I'm not sure how you do that, sorry).

    I really would recommend that people who are having trouble getting to the forum (or logging in) try Firefox. That's what I use, and I have never had any problems with it.

    3) Make sure you have your browser set to accept ALL COOKIES, including third-party cookies.

    4) There is NO CHARGE for accessing the forum. And you do not have to have AOL software installed on your computer. If you see a message about a monthly access fee, you are looking at an obsolete page (see step 1).

    5) If none of these steps work for you, you can try the alternate URL for reaching Compuserve, which is:

    Hope this helps, and good luck!


  4. Thank you Karen! That helps me so much! I am using Internet explorer, so that could be the problem. I will try those links. Thank you!

  5. Oooh Karen I feel like I should post that! Awesome info!

    I was such a baby. At first I had an introduction post and emailed it to Tracey... and she was very nice about it and didn't want to hurt my feelings... and in a positive way said "ummm that's not what I would post but you need to do what you feel is right." LOL!!! Sooooo...I deleted it and just jumped in with my eyes closed and my nose plugged. :)

  6. Carol, you did fine, really. And you did notice that some people there already know who you are, from this site?

    If you have a comment or a question on anything related to the books, feel free to post it. Any lingering questions from ECHO? Things you were confused about on the first reading? etc.

    Now that you're finished with ECHO, you can join in the endless-speculations game that we on the Compuserve forum are all so fond of. (What's Jamie going to do about the Claire-LJ situation? What will William do, now that he knows the truth of his paternity? Will Ian and Rachel and Rollo settle down and live happily ever after? Just kidding about that last one, but you get the idea....)


  7. P.S. Go look at the thread you posted in. Diana left you a message :-)


  8. Hi! My name is Mali. Im a HUGE Outlander fan and I see you guys are too. How do I start this whole "blogging' thing? Ive never done it before, but I would love to join the fun. Carol, I've been watching your youtube updates and I think they are hilarious. I thought to myself......finally, a group who understands how awesome this series is........

  9. Hi Mali - Welcome! I use but you can also use as well. It's so easy - you just set up an account.. and start blogging!

    We made almost an hours worth of video yesterday... and Tracey is busy editing as I type. I'll put it up as soon as it's finished!

    And don't forget Monday night chat at 9PM Eastern!

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