Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Here's Tae Us!"

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 57 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

I have to apologize for being all over the place in this blog entry. Once you've seen yesterday's videos, you'll wonder if I was hung over whilst typing this. And I assure you, I'm not. God bless large bottles of water when one is juggling both Pinot Grigio AND Scottish Whisk(no e)y - all for the sake of James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser - and good, amusing Youtube video. ;)

William's cousin Henry is wounded and holed up at Mrs. Woodcock's house. She clearly is diggin' on him... and I'm guessing the feelings are mutual. What I don't know is how they met... or why she's not with Mr. Woodcock who is most likely dying out in the wood with the captured militia.

OK so tell me I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat while reading about Rob Cameron's friend, the archeologist?? He's digging around Lallybroch and I'm all "Oh god! Oh god! He's going to find something! Something Jamie left! Or something Jenny left! Ahhhh!" But alas, he didna find anything. And it's probably just as well because I dinna know if my wee heart could have taken it if he had found something bad/sad. I am also not convinced he won't find something in the future. I mean - why bring an archeologist into the story if you're not going to need him for something in the future, right???

So William left the Hunters (I can't help seeing Mr. Hottie Denzel Washington every time I hear the name Denzell) and caught up with the British army - and alas - a fellow named Brigadier Fraser. And I will pat myself on my own back when I tell you I immediately texted Tracey and told her I was willing to bet it was Simon, down from Canada. I knew I had read about the real Simon Fraser and how he fled to Canada after Culloden... and eventually made his way back to Scotland and bought most of his property back - but I wasna sure if he was in the British army. Soooo anyhoo... it was him and he is asking William to dine at his table, which I have convinced myself is because William is BLOOD OF HIS BLOOD and there is a true connection that neither of them understands. Kindof like one of those stories you hear on 60 Minutes where two people have been next door neighbors and best friends for 35 years and find out they're brothers. Yeah. So anyway - I'm VERRA interested to see how - if at all - Simon Fraser factors into "the rest of the story".

Moving right along to one of THE HOTTEST scenes I have EVER read in this series - yeah - you know what I'm talking about:  YOU. COME  HERE. NOW. (Jenn M emailed this AM and was seriously thrilled to have read that scene. Can you blame her?) That was tremendous. Although, I'll tell ya, I couldn't enjoy it enough because I was too worried they were going to get caught. And getting caught doing the deed would have been one thing - but to get caught doing yourselves - well that would be quite another. I love how Diana always has Jamie stop - right in mid coitus - and tease the heck out of Claire - only to start up again and make her see stars. All men should be taught to do that, don'tcha think?

Any men reading this? What say you???

Anyway - I loved when Jamie said "Play with fire and ye may get singed, Sassenach". Sigh. More murmuring. I could read an entire novel of Jamie Fraser's fornicatory murmuring. 

One of my favorite Bree/Roger scenes:

"Here's tae us. Wha's like us?"
  "Damned few," she replied in broad Scots, "and they're all deid."

Reminds me of one of my husband's family parties when the celtic and Irish music is blaring ("FINE GIRL YOU ARE!") and everyone is having a good time and getting a little looped... and the Irish or Scottish quotes start coming out. Always a good time.

Loved when Claire noticed that no one gets yeast infections because no one wears underwear. I don't know why but that cracked me up. I'm going to make a little bet with you that when Shannon gets to that part, she's going to think it's hysterical. I'll let you know.

So anyway - Claire was taken by the British army and met up with William - and I almost had a heart attack. Of course I texted Tracey immediately. (I should really find all of last night's texts and post them as I'm sure they're pretty darned hilarious.) I cannot tell you how this suspense of "when is Jamie going to see William - and more importantly when is William going to see Jamie" - is killing me. I have said since Day 1 of this book that Jamie and William will eventually be on opposite sides of the battle field - and I'm terrified that William is going to reject Jamie when he finds out he's his da. I don't know if he'll be bratty about it "I'm the 7th Earl of Ellesmere!" or just upset or what. And it will kill Jamie if he's mean. And if he utters ONE NEGATIVE WORD about the beard - he's a dead man. I know it will take time for him to accept Jamie. But eventually he will - just like Brianna. I know it.

"A woman takes life with her when she goes. A woman is... infinite possibility".    Died. Right there. Just died.

I LOVED when Jamie was touching Claire's hand and tracing the lines and her "J" scar. And she said "I'd held him in my hand for the best part of my life".

Oh god. I have to stop now. It's all gotten soooo good. I need to read...


  1. re: "Here's tae us. Wha's like us?" "Damned few," she replied in broad Scots, "and they're all deid."

    OK, non-musical theater geeks can step away from the computer for a sec, but when I read that part, I was like, "Hel-LO? That's a lyric in "Old Friends" from Stephen Sondheim's "Merrily We Roll Along"! Had no idea it came from a (had to look this up) Robert Burns poem. Totally need to examine other Sondheim lyrics for a Burns influence.

  2. Tracey, too funny! And Carol, I'm still DYING to hear your reaction to the last 100-150 pages. DYING!!!

  3. I'm loving re-living the Echo adventure through your eyes!! You always touch on the lines that struck me when I read it .... "infinte possiblites" ... just beautiful!
    Keep reading - and keep the posts coming!!

  4. Jo M! I'm dying to get there! I've got good down time this week, so I expect to get through a LOT.

    Shelly - THANK YOU - because I am watching the videos Tracey and I made over the weekend and feeling like I said absolutely NOTHING of any value in a 30 minute period of time! Too much celebrating Jamie's birthday - not enough thought process and using my noggin!

  5. I'm officially coming out of lurker status to ask when this infamous video is going to be posted!!! The anticipation is killing me....!! Your posts and videos make my day!!

  6. Isn't the garden scene the best?? We missed you at that chat when Tracey wrote out: One word: GARDEN!

  7. One man has been lurking here for some time. As for making women see stars many of us learned that from Jamie. You women aren't the only ones reading DG. :)


  8. Jerry - did you make it to chat? I am on vacation, so I missed this week...but I'll be back next week!! And you have to talk to Clay - our other resident guy! LOL

  9. Another man has been lurking here too. You ladies crack me up! But to the point, GARDEN was smoking hot!

    1. Welcome, Anon! We love male discussion at MOP. Come to chat on Monday nights! We're all a little nuts. :)

  10. OMG! The Garden Ecstasy was the best. I'm listening to the book while commuting from work to home and when Jamie starts to tell Claire what he was thinking I shot up in my seat with a big grin on my face and said to myself, "Oh yea, here it to me Jamie", but sadly it was only the act of Jamie telling it to Claire in a whisper that DG wrote and not the words. I was a little disappointed but still hot as ever and I marked that spot to replay it to my husband (who doesn't read unfortunately). I save the best parts of the books to replay for him.....he rolls his eyes but he still takes it all in just the same! wink, wink. Also,melted re "....infinite possibilities". oh sigh

    1. ROFLMAO Glee. Sometimes I see a comment like yours...and I go back and reread my post and something humorous I've said. And I giggle. As if I didna even write the damned thing. Because my memory is THAT bad. And why am I laughing right now? "I could read an entire novel of Jamie Fraser's fornicatory murmuring." ROFLMAO!!! "Fornicatory???" Oh BOY I was in a feisty wee mood THAT day, wasn't I???? LOL! PS - I love that you play your husband the Cliff's Notes of Outlander audio. That is awesome! :)