Monday, May 10, 2010


TOP TEN things that go through one's mind the day after finishing An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon:

10) Oooh I have ten minutes - I'm going to read!!! Oh. Wait. Shit.

9) How fast can I read the whole series a second time?

8) 2 years 'til new Jamie?!?!?! Give me the phone.  "911, What's your emergency?"

7) Does anyone know where I can get a wolf?

6) "How many bullets are left in this gun?"

5) EFF the Kindle. I'm buying the books! I need to do MAJOR PAGE FLIPPAGE right now!

4) "Edward? Jamie?" (yelled like "Cindy? Bobby?")

3) Did somebody say "cliffhanger"?

2) No dirk-carrying, cup-draining, peach-splitting or herb-collecting for HOW long??

1) Claire, you ignorant slut!


  1. Och, quite the ride! HUGE discussion on Compuserve re LJ and Claire in bed.
    I've been collecting the books used at library sales, and recently completed my collection on ebay.
    For your consideration to read next: "In Death" series by J. D. Robb. Eve is a homicide detective in NY in the future. She deals with serial killers and stalkers and she has a flying car. And Roarke. Mmmm, Roarke.

  2. LOL! Thanks! "Roarke"! I like him already!

    1. oh....and he's Irish (dreamy accent too)

    2. Carol, I just started the first book, Naked in Death!

  3. When I first started the series, I didn't wait for the extra 10 minutes in my day to read. Carried the books with me everywhere, read in the car, on the patio, at my daughters swimming practice, while cooking dinner...And that was actually hard, because the books are so dang huge, and heavy, had to get a bigger purse, just so I could carry them around with me...LOL
    Oh, and I don't know about another series. This was me...I started reading other books, but got Jamie withdrawal, and started the series again. I just couldn't keep myself away. I just finished a second time, and am thinking about a third. The fight scenes, the scenes where either Jamie or Claire are in trouble, the looove scenes, are so much better, because you can enjoy them more, not being worried about J and C not getting out of it alive, and a major get to really relish the writing. DG really knows how to write...Her descriptions of the landscape, a surgery, the way Jamie moves while's all good.

  4. I nearly spat my lunch all over the computer screen at a full half of these. (And is number 6 a West Side Story reference??? If so, way impressed!) Tres hilarious

    And as for what to read next, not five minutes ago I was holding in my hot little hand a co-workers copy of...wait for it... wait for it... SOOKIE # 10!!!! Soookeeeeeeeeeeeee... ;-)

  5. Oh believe me, Jeanie - my 10 minutes are just that! In the car at school... outside CCD... I've even taken the books to yoga class since I get there early. I am already in withdrawal. It's a sad day. :(

  6. Also, if he's not in time-out, don't forget about our bestie LJ's series--definitely worth the read, IMO.

    Sigh. Can we call him our bestie anymore, now that a lass can think of him...THAT way? LOL.

  7. jeaniebirdie: LOVE the purse line. It's so Jaws: "We're gonna need a bigger purse."

  8. Yes it's a WWS reference. "How many bullets are left in this gun? Enough for you or you or even YOU?" Verra Romeo and Juliet... verra Jamie and Claire when Jamie was off sailing to the colonies and Claire was here SAILING DOWN LORD JOHN'S PANTS.

    That's why one has to love the Kindle. When I thought of heading to school later I thought "Great, I'll read." Then I thought "Shit, I'm done". Then I thought "What new books can I get?" Then I thought "Sookie # 10!" Then I thought "Crap I don't have it" then I thought "YES I DO! GOD BLESS THE KINDLE!"

    Sigh. Tracey. I am dying today. Dying a slow death. SO sad. Now more new Jamie. NEW Jamie. Not talking recycled Jamie. Not talking Lord John new-to-you Jamie. But pure, unadulterated, NEW JAMES ALEXANDER MALCOLM MACKENZIE FRASER. I'm dying lassies... and there's nothing anyone can do for me...

  9. congratulations - I am going to try and make the chat tonight - to further witness the freak out. :)

  10. Yey Amie! I have to blog about chat! Thanks for reminding me! :)

  11. Congratulations, and I'm delighted to hear you're finally finished!!

    I have been following your blog since partway through your reading of FIERY CROSS. It's really been fascinating (not to mention highly entertaining and frequently hilarious!) to see you make your way through the books for the first time.

    I'm impressed with your and Tracey's will-power, to make the first reading of the series last that long. (By contrast, I ripped through the series FOUR TIMES in the first six months, and consequently missed whole huge chunks of the plot, let alone the subtle details. I have since learned how to slow down, but it wasn't easy!)

    Just remember, these books stand up really, really well to re-reading. And you will be amazed at the things you'll see on the second read-through that you didn't understand or didn't know to look for the first time.

    Now you have no more excuses. Come over to Compuserve and introduce yourself! I bet Diana would be thrilled to hear from someone with your obvious enthusiasm for the books and the characters.

    Congrats again, and I hope you have a wee dram tonight to celebrate! :-)


  12. P.S. Don't you just LOVE Rachel's line at the very end?

    “Thee is a wolf, too, and I know it. But thee is my wolf, and best thee know that.”

    Awwwww, such a sweet moment!



    I seriously canna say the "thee is my wolf" line aloud without tearing up. Still. And it's been probably a month since I finished Echo.

    LOL that will be a funny test for the next video--can Tracey make it through that line with dry eyes???

  14. Carol said: Yes it's a WWS reference. "How many bullets are left in this gun? Enough for you or you or even YOU?" Verra Romeo and Juliet... verra Jamie and Claire when Jamie was off sailing to the colonies and Claire was here SAILING DOWN LORD JOHN'S PANTS.

    LOL, you left out the Chino part. As in: [Maria looks down at gun. Quietly] How many bullets are left in this gun, Chino? [points gun at him] ENOUGH FOR YOU????? [points gun at some other Jet/Shark] FOR YOU????? And ROFLMAO re: Claire and LJ's pants. Methinks someone is starting to get a wee bit mad at Claire.

    Then Carol said: Sigh. Tracey. I am dying today. Dying a slow death. SO sad. Now more new Jamie. NEW Jamie. Not talking recycled Jamie. Not talking Lord John new-to-you Jamie. But pure, unadulterated, NEW JAMES ALEXANDER MALCOLM MACKENZIE FRASER. I'm dying lassies... and there's nothing anyone can do for me...


    HERSELF can maybe make it feel a little better...

  15. Oh Carol!!! I feel for you! I have been so depressed since I finished! Can you believe the whirlwind of a ride! Soooo good! I just keep tracking back through the audio's. Just to hear Jamie's voice or Davina's version of Jamie's voice.haha SErioulsy, that just can't be healthy!!!!I hear Sara Donati,'Into the Wilderness" Series is good and even makes references to some of DG characters such as Ian. Doesn't that sound so intriguing. I'm going to download those from audible tonight and see how they are. So my question is ..Now what? What are we all gonna do? What are you gonna blog! Your my highlight each day!LOL. I guess EClipse is something to look forward too. I rent out 2 theatres every year for the premier. Wish you lived near, so you could come! It would be fun to meet you and Tracy!

  16. Try for the series. I purchased them all in hardcover for a great price and just love picking them up when the mood strikes me and re-reading my favourite bits (which is most of them).
    And yes.....the waiting sucks!

  17. Oh My God.
    So, several points.
    If, the WSS reference, does that make LJ Chino? Does it? Oh nooooo!

    And, re: Karen's super adorable comment, sigh as well!!!!

    You know, I was always super sheepish that I read the books on Kindle but seriously, they weigh 2 lbs at least each! I canna carry them in my cute purses!! Nae! But, at Goodwill the other day, I happened across a paperback Outlander and stood there creepily reading all the great parts. Flippin' the pages totally beats clickin' the little kindle button!

    Speaking of little buttons, I am with you on Claire. I have read nothing that compels the belief that Claire would seek refuge in LJ's disco dancing, Oscar Wilde reading, Streisand ticket holding friend of Dorothy. And dude, cliffhanger? DG threw us off the cliff and into the wild sargasso sea. For 2 freaking years!!!!

    I also have to agree with Karen - the series really does bear a re-read incredibly well, a testament to DG's amazing talents as a writer. Or, as Laura calls them (and now, me too) re-kilts.

  18. Another weird aside: once I was done, I dinna want to plunge back into the full and consuming obsession of Outlander. The rest from it was welcome! I even took a break from this site, but you guys were too funny to quit.

    But overall, suddenly, I was done, and I was free from the consuming fire of outlander! I wonder what it will be like for you and Tracey longterm! Not to say I wasna still super interested in all things outlander... ahem....

  19. Listening to the audio version read by Davina Porter is a great way to revisit these books. I stongly suggest a listen this time around.

  20. hi carol
    congratulations on reaching the end.
    we,re here for you lassie and we,ll be gentle with you :-) we,ve all been through reaching the end and feeling lost and depressed.
    - if it helps i,ll begin "my name is lesley and i,m an outlander addict" :-)
    i would have loved to join the chat last night but once again couldn,t stay awake :-(
    i,ve loved the blog, and couldn,t wait to log in each time. are you going to keep on ?
    -as cathy said and we,ve discussed this before, the audio versions are well worth investing in for a 2nd "reading" you can totally lose yourself in the story,(even more so than physically reading i think) can,t rate them highly enough.
    i,ve now got 3 friends reading the books, 1 on outlander, 1 on d-i-a and 1 on voyager , but only the 1 on voyager is as enthusiastic as me sigh.
    i hope you had a wee dram or 2 to help in the first couple of hours.
    lesley :-)

  21. Karen H.- this is me regarding introducing myself on CompuServe: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!" LOL You pumped me up last night at chat.. so I'm almost there!

    Angela - What what WHAT? DO TELL about this theatre renting thing, please!

    Karen B. - Thank you!!! I wonder if they'll ship to me?

    Sirena - the Clueless reference made me want to pee in my pantalones. That is hilarious. I dinna know what made Claire turn to the dark side, other than copious quantities of the heavy stuff. I am thrilled you came back to us. I am sortof drifting right now... but once I plant myself firmly into "I am finished the Outlander series" land, I'll get back to some good blogging. I have been neglecting My Twilight Purgatory, too... so that will get some much-needed TLC as well.

    Cathy - I am leaning toward Davina for round 2. I just need to hear more Scots-speak this time around.

    Leslie - I'm absolutely going to keep blogging! :) I'd be lost without this blog. The Outlander characters are such a part of my life, I canna imagine not talking about them every day (or spelling like they talk!)

  22. It is so fun! I rent out two theatres, and do assigned seating. We have GRandmas, aunts, mom's and daughters. We do some giveaways. It is a blast! I may even do a pre-showing before the premier if it works out with the Theatre this year. I have to say. I'm not impressed with the movies, but I do love Rob (not as much as Jamie though) hehe. Back to Outlander. You will have to listen to the audio, this time through. And I'm going to read. I think I missed alot last time. You will love the accents that Davina does!!!!

  23. Hi Carol, I just finished and I don't see your thoughts on the last chapters anywhere. I know you did the chat but I missed it. I am dying to hear what you thought. Do you post it anywhere or can I somehow read the chat?

  24. This is one year later, and I have just finished Echo in the bone. Im glad I found this site, I doubt anyone will read this but Im in withdrawal and find comfort here.
    At least I dont have to wait as long for the next book.
    Maybe with in the next 2 years?? so to sum up my read/
    -Jenny pisses me off, and I agree, Jamie needs to get a pair and stand up for Claire!
    -I wish Diana would have included, in the letters to Brea and Roger,about the dreams that Jamie has,when he sees the kids at Lallybroch. Could you imagine how close bre and roger would have felt to them knowing that Jamie is in a way right there with them.
    -Im mad at Claire for not listening to her inner voice that told her that Jamie couldnt be dead and yet she does the nasty with JG!! I was shouting No No dont do it, you dont know where that P--- has been ewww! Diana didnt mention if he wore a condom.
    -I am horrified for Jem, in the mining train in the dark heading for the rocks that could send him back in time and encase him in the stone forever??
    Diana would never do that to Jem Im sure.
    =being a nurse I love anytime Diana writes about Claires surdgeries or treatments, its fascinating. So thank you Diana for hours of entertainment and great writing.
    - Ill keep watching the videos that people have put on Utube with casting ideas.
    My Jamie is Gerad Butler and no other

  25. Sally, it's been a year and I STILL feel your pain!! The Jem thing still irks me; where is he?! And where is Roger?! Inquiring minds want to know. :) Don't worry, lass. 2012 will come...

    PS - In withdrawl? Come to Monday Night chat! You'll feel better! :)

  26. Thanks Carol, I usually work monday nights but not always. (weird nursing hours) but i'll check it out.

  27. Hallo! I am new here and just finished Echo Friday night (cry!).
    this is how I felt while reading this book:
    -before starting it: OMG OMG OMG.
    -while starting it: um....snooze.
    -halfway through: wait...where are we? where is Rachel Hunter? okay. OKAY.
    -50 pages until the end: OMG. HOLY CRAP. OMG. NO WAY. OMG.
    -...48 pages until the end: oh. well. that got cleaned up faster than expected.
    -the last page: OMG OMG OMG.

    needless to say I have just ordered The Outlandish Companion and The Exile on Amazon and have restarted Outlander (much to Margaret George's chagrin...sorry Cleopatra, I know I promised to start you after the series..but I can't! I just can't!). Jesus H Roosevelt Christ!

  28. Hello peeps! :-) I finished Echo and understand that until the next book comes out we are not really getting responses... but just wondering, because I haven't read anywhere, has anyone noticed all of the parallels between William and Jamie. ie. William was in a monastery, William got an axing on the back of his head, William has seasickness... Makes you think that perhaps DG will do this some more in the next book, however, I am quite through with the raping and hope William does not go through that although Randall-Isaacs is a bothering me a bit. Peace!

  29. Carol (hi from another Jerseyite! Jerseyan?), Tracy, all: I came late to the Outlander series, as I did to Twilight (but seriously. how great is it to not have to wait a few years for the next book to come out, a-la Harry Potter!) I've LOVED all of the great reviews, comments, and craziness here! I just finished my second read-through of the series, and geesh, I'm going through Outlander withdrawal yet again! I may start my third read-through, just to ease the pain a bit until Book 8 comes out. Heck, I read the Twilight Saga four times straight through, and had no desire, need, or even the heart to start another book or series! At least I have this great site to keep me going. I just caught up with all of Carol's hilarious reviews, and just had to add my two cents.

    So many great things in the series: Young Ian Murray (perhaps one of my all-time favorite characters in literature, ever). LOVE me some Roger Mac. Love the Hunters, esp Rachel (and her with Ian, swoon). Love Lizzie and the Beardsleys. What will happen with Jemmy! Love all the letters back and forth from J&C in the past to Bree & Rog at Lallybroch in the 70's. Love Lord John (darn it, I want a gay male bff). Love William. And of course, Himself and Herself, Jamie and Claire.

  30. I just finished Echo last night - I know, a day late and a dollar short...but I like to take breaks between the books. I'm listening to them on CD (Davina Porter) and I find I catch so much more than if I actually re-read them; I'm working on Drums at the moment. Echo is one I will definitely look forward to hearing; I have a hunch I missed a lot, especially in the sections about William. Not sure the John/Claire bedroom stuff was all that believable - especially at her age which was like what - 61 or 62? But a wild ending, that's for sure. Can't wait for the next one. Guess I'll start Prisoner since the blog has started! :)

  31. Good for you, Julia! I don't blame you for taking breaks. We all have our own methods! :)

  32. Well I've finished reading all your blogging and am feeling a bit of Outlander withdrawal. Thanks so much for all the laughs and tears.


    1. Jerry! You have reminded me about this post! I am cracking up - at myself! I think this deserves a repost. :)

      You are quite welcome; I plan to jump right back into it as soon as MOHB (or is it MHOB?) comes out!!

  33. Julia, Julia, Julia. Spoken like someone who just never could believe her parents "did it" willingly. From someone in her mid sixties, after menopause, honey, it gets even better. Sixty IS the new forty. See, now, you have something to look forward to.

  34. Well I'm only 6 years away from that is great to know! ;)

  35. guys are making me giggle. Anonymous - you GO GIRL!!!!

  36. I recently discovered the books and spent three weeks reading them. When I finished Echo I was deligted to find the first seven chapters of Written In My Own Hearts Blood (I have a Nook). Of course I read them! Who could resist? I also found some videos on line of DG reading excerpts from other chapters! My question is will there blogs or videos on these or are you waiting for the book publication?

    1. Hi Donna - yes!!! Tracey and I read the first chapter of MOBY and made a video for that...but we haven't read any more. I will be blogging MOBY as I read it and Tracey and I will most definitely be making videos! :)

    2. Great! I'm looking forward to it! I was going to comment on the Jamie and Lord John chapter but am glad I didn't since you haven't read it yet.

      I haven't been this caught up in a series in a long time. I stumbled onto them looking for a new author to read. I had never heard of them before. I was ecstatic when I found out about the TV series.

  37. I just finished Echo and even if I am a tad later than you, these comments are hilarious .. and so true! So on to MOBY. The one great thing about reading this series so late in the game is being able to just buy the next book. Until, of course, I am finished with MOBY and then I will be in serious droughtlander. Maybe the Lord John books next. And some of the other novellas if I can find them. Would it be worth it to buy Outlandish Companion at this stage?
    Oh and I agree about the Kindle. Now I want to go back and buy the books so I can find things I know happened but can't remember where. Or which book.