Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Email to Tracey

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 70 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

Just sent the following email to Tracey. I am DYING. You're not kidding, Karen.... I need a SEAT BELT.

Left off on Chapter 70. I'll be putting the kids to bed and reading in silence all night. Trying to catch up with Jenn who stopped at 82 and seems to be in physical pain and I'm afraid to know why.

Here's where I am:

Ian kissed Rachel and I have been thinking about him (and Joe Mazzello) all day.

That dude showed up and totally killed Jamie and Claire's buffalo skin buzz by saying he knew Jamie killed Dougal.

Ian killed the aforementioned dude.

Ian ran off and Rachel said she'd take care of Rollo (thank GOD).

Jamie was asked to accompany Simon Fraser's body to Scotland.

Jamie did the Happy Dance, despite everything going on with Ian. (OK that one only happened in my mind.)

William Bucleigh MacKenzie showed his jerk ass up at Lallybroch.

And last but not least, I had to close the book just as I was reading about THE PAOLI MASSACRE!!!  HOW MANY TIMES have we driven by that sign on Lancaster Ave????? And we never CARED IN THE SLIGHTEST!!!! And now I'm wanting to take a friggin FIELD TRIP to my own friggin HOME TOWN.

More later....


  1. Might as well blog my response to said email (LOL):


    I SWEAR there's a mention of Paoli before this part. I know there are two in the book. Maybe search and see if you can find the other one. On second thought, don't--just in case mention #2 is after where you are now.

    LOL Karen TOLD you there would be paybacks for the spitting incident.

    So now we are in full on Team Ian/Team William mode. Which are you?

    Buck's in the 20th century house!!! And RogerMac beat his ass up! LOVE IT.

    You should blog this email exactly as is,

  2. Roger hasn't beat anyone's ass up yet. Douchy just showed up - and told Roger who he was - and asked what the eff's going on. That's all that's happened with them. But I'm too upset over Ian to care.

    I have been obsessed with Ian all the live long day. Last night I read the HOT scene with Ian telling Rachel not to touch him or he'd take her here and now - and I loved it so much I had to read it again today. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT!!!!!!!! Ian is the new black. Word.

  3. I like to write down quotes that strike me as I read, and the Ian/Rachel kiss DEFINITELY made the cut!

  4. hi carol
    i,m on the edge of my seat when i check in to the blog to see where you are up to every day. i daren,t comment much on whats happening in case i give something away.
    -re the ian/rachel kiss, i was laughing while watching your 2nd video the other day(jamies birthday) tracey,s expression when you mentioned the feelings between william and rachel said it all, i don,t know how she kept fron saying something.
    keep enjoying and keep calm.
    lesley :-)

  5. Re: Buffalo Buzz - this reminds me of the scene on the ship (which one, who knows, there were so many!?)in Voyager where Jamie is murmuring to Claire what he's going to do to her when they hit land. I seem to recall that was a favorite of either yours or Tracey's.

  6. JaneEllen--that would SOOOOO be a favorite of mine. Absolutely makes my top 5. "And then, Sassenach, we'll see what noise it is ye dinna make." SKAH. WEE.

  7. Jo M - I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Lesley - I'm so glad it's over! I was totally stressing! And now I can stop annoying everyone with my "no spoiler" policy!

    JaneEllen - Wowwy McWowwy. Thanks for putting THAT picture in my head. This is what I need in my Jamie withdrawal!

  8. Sorry for posting this 4 years late, but Aaaahhhhh! (W/ regard to William Buccleigh showing up!). Also, I have been all about Ian since he described his feeling for Emily back in ABOSAA. Just been waiting for him to find the right woman.