Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Much to Say

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read Chapter 64 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

I have been underlining like crazy lately. I should blog while I'm reading, but it's so good, I canna stop to blog! I'm going to post the lines I've underlined and give you my thoughts on them. I mean NO disrespect or copyright infringement by posting these lines from An Echo in the Bone, ken?

"his own mother made a dish from the flesh of wine and apples, beswimming in red wine and spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, that made his mouth water only to remember."   OK am I the only person whose own mouth watered when I read this? I'll admit it. I love me some swine (or "pig's ass" as one of my Kosher girlfriends from college called it.)

"unlike most wives, Claire would have a place to go if something befell him." Really Jamie? Really? Where exactly is she going to go? Back to the Ridge? Or is she going to move in with Fergus and Marsali? Because surely you dinna mean she's going back through the stones if something happens to you. C'mon. Think rationally you big, stubborn Scot. And for God's sake; DINNA DIE.

"It was twilight and the world was full of shadows". I'm loving all the mentions of the word "twilight" lately. It's one of my favorite words in the universe. It holds such possibility. (And it reminds me of Edward Cullen.)

Execution left a stain upon the air and marked the souls of those who saw it.  This is probably the most profound statement Diana Gabaldon - or quite possibly anyone - has ever made.  When I went to the Tower of London, I was overcome by this incredible feeling. It was an eerie, creepy feeling of death that made you feel like you'd drown in it if you didn't find your way out of the place. There is a stillness there; you can feel their pain. So many souls whose lives were ripped away from them in an instant - in unfathomable ways. There are ravens all over the grounds... with their watchful eyes... and I remember saying I felt like the souls of all the dead were trapped inside the ravens.  The only other time in my life I've ever felt that indescribable, smothering feeling was in October 2001 when I saw the remains of the World Trade Center. The same feeling of sadness and grief was overwhelming. That is the stain that execution leaves upon the air... and I've tried to explain it so many times - to no avail. And then Diana Gabaldon comes along and just puts it into a handful of words... so eloquently. She blows my mind.

"Ye need spectacles, don't ye? I hadna realized." Oh how I loved this scene. She knows he's right - and she's fighting him on it - and she finally gives in - and then turns the tables on him. And all I'm thinking is "Wow Claire, you're lucky you made it all the way to 60! Most people find their eyesight going at around 45!"  And how in god's name is she doing intricate surgery on Jamie's HAND?! I was surprised he didna bring that up when she was inventorying her wee scalpels.

"I paused and shouted into the mist, calling his name. I heard answering calls, but none in his voice."  Oh my god - when I got to this part, I almost fell off the treadmill. You can totally see this happening right in front of you. What a POWERFUL scene. The dead and dying, lying all around, and Claire is literally stepping over them, calling Jamie's name and hearing nothing in response. I can't even talk about it because I truly felt sick when this happened - a la when Roger Mac was hangit. "I'm sorry for your man," I said. "but my man lies here. Get away, I said!" Oh good god I might cry again. Diana - you take as much time as you like to write your books, lass, because my GOD - the research that goes into them is incredible. Who knew it was like this? Who knew wives and children were coming along, looting the dead? Don't get me wrong - I get it. Hell, I watch that soldier taking everyone's gold teeth out on The Pacific every week. But wives and children??  AND - the fact that they had to bury the bodies deep enough so the wolves wouldn't get them?? Who knew?! THIS is why DG's books are so good. She does her homework. I'd rather her take 10 years to write a book - and do it as well as she does - than read something someone cranked out in 4 months with no thought or integrity. Blech.

"Ye've the tongue of  a venomous shrew," he said, "but your a bonnie wee swordsman, Sassenach."  This is CLASSIC JAMIE FRASER! I LOVE IT!!!

"Anyone seen that big redheaded bastard who broke the charge?"..."Whoever he is, I tell you, he's got balls the size of ten-pound shot."  I LOVE JAMIE FRASER. Have I mentioned that lately? In his late 50s and yet he's still THE MAN on the battlefield.

"Having a good hand on your arse always makes me feel steady." Again - classic Jamie. I get a little thrill every time I read a line like this.

OK that's it for now. I have underlined more... but I should save some for later. Besides - I have to go read. But I have one quick thing to tell you about where I am now:



  1. I just have to leave a comment. I have never commented on a blog before. I found your blog in my desperate look for all things Outlander. (You see, I have finished them all and was in deep mourning that I had) and I just have to say that I too have been to the Tower of London and the World Trade Center...you are right. Diana's words completely describe the exact feeling when standing in those spots. When reading your words, I was IMMEDIATELY taken back to those moments I stood in those spots. Sights, smells, sounds (or lack of!). Enjoy every page you have left of the book. Your blog is great. :) Erinn

  2. Execution left a stain upon the air and marked the souls of those who saw it.

    Such a great way to describe it. I have felt the same about the Tower of London and also Auschwitz. There is such a heaviness and darkness that hung over that camp when I was there, even though it was a beautiful sunny day. Not a place I wanted to visit, but good to see and to honor and remember those who were lost. DG has perfectly captured that feeling.

  3. Carol! What about Percy's conversation with LJG about Fergus?!?! I was dying at that!! And my mind was all over the place thinking about if Fergus was somehow Claire's great great great uncle or something! Then I had the awful thought that what if she's somehow related to Percy?! Ewww!