Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'll Have What She's Having!

Dinna fash  yourselves, sassenachs... the camera turns about 15 seconds in. And check out the hair on the guy playing the pipes! Right out of an Outlander novel, I tell ye!


  1. SPOILER: Do not read unless you've read Drums of Autumn

    Carol- So I'm reading Drums right now, and I just read the part where Ian and Jamie hijack Roger and pack him off to the Mohawks, and it's even more traumatic this time around! And then Jamie's being all sweet and tender with Brianna, and I'm thinking, "you punk! You just shipped her husband off to the crazy land! Stop being so nice and mention the crazy dark-haired guy you caught creeping around the property!"

    It's KILLING me! If things are this bad now, what's it going to be like when I actually get to the Mohawk camp? And I can't even THINK about the mess Roger is going to be in in Fiery Cross...

  2. this is great. I would LOVE this!!

  3. Sharewolf - oh there is so much more where THAT came from! :)

    Jo M - oh god. You're killing me. Takes on a whole different dynamic when you KNOW WHAT'S COMING! I remember being totally freaked out with Jamie at that part... like "uh... dude... they're GOING TO FIND OUT".

    Shannon - then ye shall HAVE THIS!! Not sure if we'll get this treatment at the Scottish festival (LOL!) but we shall find it!!!! Wait until you see the NEXT VIDEO!!!