Thursday, May 6, 2010

"What is, is. What was, will be. What will be WAS but will be again."

 SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you've read chapter 80 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE.


She and Jenny are in the henhouse! They're having "the talk"!!! Jenny's like "You were in France blowing us all off while we starved" and Clair'e all like "Hello? I was in Bahhhstan in the 1900s, Miss, now step OFF." Holy COW! I TOTALLY never saw THIS coming!

Sorry - I know I've skipped a ton and I PROMISE to go back to it (LORDDDDDD will I go back to it!) but I just HAD to tell you all that I know what Claire did. Holy CRAP!! I'm in complete and utter SHOCK!!!!  "By the way, y'all, I'm from the 20th century. Now can somebody please pass the bannocks?"

PS - Tracey and Jenn - if you think I dinna see what's happening with young Ian, ye've another thing coming. And I'm none too happy about it. Unless Ocean County Medical Center wants a screaming lunatic on their hands this evening, this cough had better clear the eff up.


  1. This is an historic moment: Outlander and Arnold Horshack in the same blog post. Well played, Carol--well played.

  2. P.S. Claire's big reveal surprised the crap out of me, too--did NOT see that coming!

  3. Didn't it make you so mad at Jenny?!?! I don't know about you, but I'm always surprised that Jaime doesn't tell his sister off for treating Clair so poorly! But then again, he might be scared of Jenny himself (or, should I say, "Himself")!

  4. Jamie dances around Jenny. I find it revolting. He had no problem telling her how he felt when he thought she was doing the deed with Black Jack Randall. (Oh, excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little.) So why on god's green earth is he taking this crap NOW? STAND UP FOR CLAIRE!!!! WHEN is Claire going to be ACCEPTED into this FAMILY?!? Hasn't she done enough?? Hasn't she said enough?? Hasn't she SAVED ENOUGH of your asses??? Jenny should just PIPE DOWN. I get why she's cautious around Claire; she had to pick up the pieces when Claire was "dead" aka "off in France". But now that you know the REAL STORY - how about thinking about someone OTHER than your BITCHY SELF for five seconds, Jenny?!?!

    Now shall I tell you how I really feel? ;)

  5. Agree. I dinna think I've ever been able to REALLY forgive Jenny since Voyager (altho I will say that I came far in her letter to Jamie during Fiery X). And you're absolutely right about Jamie and his not being able to stand up for Claire. It's like it's his achilles heel with Jenny or something. I CAN understand Jenny being so bitchy to Claire re: not being able to use her witchy powers to cure Ian (which you discuss in the next post), b/c I don't think she believes the real story for a second--she really does believe that Claire is some sort of white witch and because grief is driving her nuts. But yeah--Jamie needs to man up and stand up for his woman.

  6. I have to disagree with you ladies... I would be pissed off at Claire for not using her witchy powers either... I mean face it, Claire knows a lot about healing and Jenny is DESPERATE to save Ian. How the hell does she know if Claire does or does not have special powers... I mean Claire just admitted to time traveling.

    Regarding Jamie defending Claire... he's not in the hen house, isn't a party to the conversation, and Claire is Kick Ass Claire, remember? She doesn't need anyone defending her. She can handle herself with Jenny.


  7. Sally you make good points. One thing that ticked me off what Claire's response to Jenny's flip-out in the chicken coop. She said something like "I'd give my SOUL, Jenny" and stormed out. I'm thinking she should have sat down with Jenny - and possibly the bottle of Oban - and really talked. For longer than a few minutes while spreading chicken feed. She should have tried to EXPLAIN to Jenny WHY she can't help Ian. It might have helped.

  8. PS - here's what bugs me. Why is Jenny so ready to believe that Claire doesn't WANT to help Ian? Yes Claire left - but a) she's explained that, however wacko the explanation may have sounded LOL and b) she's never given them any reason to think she doesn't care deeply for Ian - along with the rest of them. Hell she saved WEE IAN'S life. How about some thanks for THAT??

  9. Think about it. Claire marries Jamie and supposedly dies. He is MISERABLE and her and her children almost die of starvation and fear of death by the British over the next 15 years. She comes back and within a few days with no explanation that makes any sense, and within a few days her youngest son is on a ship and Jamie and Claire follow. She never sees her son again till now, and Claire comes back with some cockemany story about being a time traveler. She's always thought Claire was a witch and she's so depressed about a sick Ian, she'll convince herself of anything, including Claire is an A** who doesn't want to help me.

    I giving Jenny a pass on this one (not on the part where she tells Cougar Ho that Claire is back in town, she doesn't get forgiven for that), but she gets a pass on this one from me.

    Claire didn't want to get into with her because its like kicking a dead horse, Jenny is beside herself and not in a frame of mind to listen.

  10. Sally--Def agree with you about Jenny's mindset in this particular instance--her husband is dying, she truly thinks that Claire has some mystical powers (and that the time travel story is a bunch of BS), and yet Claire won't "use her "powers" to help.

    What's interesting too is that it seemed that there was sort of a truce--however fragile--between the two of them when they left with Ian in Voyager. I guess all the stuff that happened with Ian: "We lost him--no wait, we found him--no wait, we lost him again--no wait, he's back but with a tattooed face"--turned Jenny back against Claire. I really thought she blamed Jamie for all of that, but I guess Claire bore some of the blame in her eyes--and unlike Jamie, Claire is not someone that Jenny is bound to by blood or family.

    Ah, the trials of in-laws. Way entertaining, whether in the 18th century or the 21st.... ;-)