Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Next Up: Another My Outlander Purgatory VIDEO!

Just a quick post to let you know Tracey is coming on Friday for a new video session for My Outlander Purgatory! And I am hoping for a guest appearance by Jenn M and Shannon, too! We need their reactions to the end of "An Echo in the Bone", right?!


Any topics you want us to discuss? 
Any questions you have for us?
Any shout-outs you want us to give? 


Leave us a comment below - or send us an email here.


  1. Given that we will be discussing the end of Echo, I wonder how many 10-minute YouTube segments we will produce? Not sure there is enough bandwidth on the InterWeb for THAT discussion... ;-)

  2. Great idea! I had posted some of my other topics somewhere else, but I can't find them...Anyway, this is what I remember:

    ~ What will happen to Jenny?
    ~ Will Ian and Rachel get married?
    ~ Will Roger Mac find Jamie and Claire again after he went through the Stones to find Jemmy?
    ~ Will Brianna go after them with the kids?
    ~ Where will Jamie and Claire go next...The Ridge? Or somewhere else?

    Oh, and definitely do a Top 10 of favorite scenes.
    And a Top 10 of favorite Jamie and Claire moments, ye' ken?

  3. Oh I LOVE it Jeanie! DONE!

    Keep 'em coming, y'all! :)

  4. You may have already disscussed this somewhere, but I would love some Clair and Lord John talk!! hehehe. Especially when she (ahem) gives him a hand!! Hah!

  5. Aaaaaaahnd I think Megs has settled the question of "will there or won't there be alcohol involvement in THIS video?" LOLOL

  6. I know this isn't strictly Outlander related, but I know Carol loves it, so could you do a reaction to Lost? Please? Pretty please? I will send you brownies (or bannocks, or both...)! ;)

  7. Hello,
    Random thoughts:
    I am so grateful DG dinna have Claire go back through the stones cuz she thought Jamie was dead. I bet I would have. She would have crossed with Roger!
    Will Claire still continue to live with John to avoid arrest?
    I just know Jenny will use the fact that Claire married John to try to drive a wedge between J & C.
    Why would Jenny "have a place" with Furgus and Masali? Wouldn't she have a place with Wee Ian? (not that he has a place)
    What does DG have against Rodger?
    Is William wanting to start something with Rachael?
    William is near the same age as Jamie when we met him. Will Randal-Issacs try to bugger and torture William?
    Why aren't there many "ly" suffixes on the adverbs in these books?

  8. L! OK, this is you, ROCKING the questions! I love them! I never really contemplated the fact that Claire might have gone back through the stones, thinking Jamie was dead! Wow. I guess DG figured "been there, done that".

    Whoa. Interesting question about Randall-Isaacs. Like that family will always be the Fraser family nemesis.

    OK I can't say any more or I'll have nothing to talk about on the video! THANKS for these! Looking forward to delving in on Friday!

  9. Hmmmm, and what if William fell in love with a time traveler? (I need to get to some standing stones!! Hehe...). I would love if William unknowingly followed in his Da's footsteps.

  10. Lassies,
    Now that you've been to the Compuserve Forum have you been reading the excerpts for book 8 (as well as Scottish Prisoner.) I'd love to hear you discuss whether you are going to be "excerpt avoiders" (a la Karen), or if you're going to dive in to these for the next 2-3 years while you wait for the next book

  11. Y'know, it's weird JaneEllen--I am avoiding Book 8 spoilers like the plague (DAMN that Book 8 Excerpts in UK Paperbacks thread!!), but for some reason I am devouring whatever I can find on Scottish Prisoner. And might I add that THOSE excerpts have been minty fresh, lassies!!!

  12. Megs - love it. Never considered it. Will discuss it. On Friday.

    JaneEllen - I am a spoiler avoider 'til the death. And Tracey should be, too. Tracey did you learn NOTHING from your little mid-series trip down Claire-does-Lord-John LANE?!?

  13. So the other day you made some comment about the end of the book being like Wizard of Oz and Clair wakes up and the people are all like, like each other. I am SO weirded out by this idea, i can't stop thinking about it and comparing people. The power of suggestion. It is really missing with me. :)

  14. LOL Amie! That's so funny! I'll have to think up some more. Please comment again with some of your ideas!

  15. I have a few questions, but I may have just missed them through my reading. But mine is 'Who is Claire really? There obviously is a link with Percy Beachamp and Fergus, etc... But starting Outlander again. All we know is her parents died in a car crash. But who were they, who is she? Why does she get to go through the stones? It has something to do with their genetic makeup right? Because Bree, her kids all can hear the stones. But than there is Jamie, and he can't. But we know all about his heritage, but nothing really about Claire. Apologies, if this has already been discussed and I'm just missing it all in the details or reaching for something that isn't there. I just wonder if DG is foreshadowing with the introduction of Percy in Echo, and him and Claire having the same name. Maybe something will be revealed in Book 8. It just seems that something is prophetic about Jamie and Claire's union. Like something wrong needed to be made right with that union of past and future. But what? Ok rambling. Sorry;-)

  16. Ooooh Angela...I think you just put together a piece of the puzzle in my brain that I've been trying to piece together for months! Seriously! I'm going to save my answer for the video (oh man...Tracey is going to yell at me for talking too long, I KNOW it! She's going to have to splice it into like 8 videos this time! LOL!!!)

  17. To Angela, I am so glad you brought that up. The way it looks is Clair is a direct decedent of Furgus AND of Comte St. Germain (the author of the grimoire in Geillis Duncan's library)

    Did you notice Furgus' first born is named Germain?