Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Outlander Purgatory is Headed to ComicCon 2010 in NYC!

Hey CAROL:  
  You have chosen wisely! You obviously have a keen intellect and superior knowledge of all that is cool. Thanks for joining us at New York Comic Con 2010, October 8-10, 2010, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY.  
  You have cleverly registered for the following options:
Weekend Pass1


  1. Be afraid, NYC. Be verra afraid.

  2. Wheeeee! Be afraid any Scottish bars in the entire city and the fine lads who man them.

  3. I have just purchased my ticket as well. Let the whisky shots begin.

  4. Ladies,
    I'm not too worried about NYC surviving your visit, but Watch Out Men in Kilts!

  5. Oh you KNOW IT JaneEllen!!! Watch out, inDEED. All I'll have to hear is a Scottish accent and it will be all over. The poor bugger won't know what hit him. I'll be all "pleaseeeee say "sassenach" for me!" and he'll be like "Um, can I go back to my family at the table now? I was just trying to come back from the bathroom."

  6. ESPECIALLY if he has red hair! ;) Oh, and Carol, I just watched last week's Lost (the submarine one), and I AM DEVASTATED. AAAAHHHHH. Please share your thoughts, but don't give anything away from this week's episode since I haven't watched it yet!

  7. I keep having problems commenting so sorry if I end up w/duplicate comments:
    do you guys know what day DG is appearing? i tried to find the info on the comicCon site and couldna locate it! I'll be coming up from DC- if there's no info yet, i'll buy the wknd pass!

  8. No info yet, unfortunately. We all bought the weekend pass--it's not that much more $$ than the day pass, and you never know who might show up at CC on any given day....

  9. Sirena I'm so excited you're coming. That is going to be a FUN weekend. Everyone else - throw caution to the wind - put on your kilt and COME TO COMICCON!

    SPOILER ALERT FOR LOST - Dinna read if you haven't seen the last two LOST episodes. Jo M - I won't say anything about this week's... but wow - last week's was upsetting. And I'm sure it's going to continue on like that until the end. BUT - I think it's good. I think everyone on the island is in PURGATORY (love that word) and they all need to die in order to move on in real life. I really think that. And WHERE IS DESMOND??? A LOST without Desmond is like a day without sunshine. Just a bummer ALL AROUND, Brotha!!

    "A Lost without Desmond is like a day without sunshine"--or two years without a new Outlander novel ;) He's in the well; remember Sayid gave Jack instructions for rescuing him before he ran with the bomb. I'm very glad Sayid was able to redeem himself (which is a HUGE theme on lost), but was very sad he had to die. I can't even THINK about the whole Sun/Jin thing.

    I read a very disturbing theory that Jack would be the only one of the Oceanic Six to survive and would take over guardianship of the island. All I have to say to that is, NOT WITHOUT KATE!!!!! I'll update you after I watch this week's episode.

    P.S. I can't decide if it is the worst or best birthday present ever that the Lost finale is happening on my birthday. And apparently the finale event is now 5 1/2 hours long!


    5 1/2 hours long?!? WHAT??? How are they going to do THAT??? Isn't it weird that Jack wants to stay on the island? He was the one who was so hell-bent on getting OFF the island. WTF??? Looking forward to more discussion after you watch this past week's. :)

  12. Woo hoo! I will probably take a break from grading (I've graded 14 research papers today and have to grade 60 more by Wednesday. Yes, I am insane (a.k.a. an English teacher)!) I will post ASAP after watching!


    Holy Crapola! What an intense episode! And how creepy was Jacob's/brother with no name (no WONDER he had a complex!)'s mother??!! Talk about Mommy dearest...

    Do you think we're supposed to parallel the brothers to Jacob and Esau? And I kind of knew the dark brother would become the smoke monster (the whole light/Jacob, dark/unnamed brother was a bit more obvious than what Lost usually does, but I thought it was a nice touch).

    Finally, is there a connection to Desmond ("goodbye, brother...goodbye)? Hmmm.....and who doesn't love a good flashback that involves Jack with no shirt on? ;) It's been so long since a real flashback that it almost seemed out of place! Okay, that's all (except how cool would it be if DG Herself liked Lost? Alright, I'll stop obsessing now...)

  14. I have a playlist suggestion: I just heard Death Cab for Cutie's "Passenger Seat", and I immediately thought of Brianna and Roger! Just a thought!

  15. LOST spoiler below!~

    Jo M you are in good company in your obsession. We went to the boardwalk today and there is a fun house... and inside there is a section that has this mad scientist laboratory... and all these lights are flashing and a warning alarm is sounding... and I'm yelling "THE NUMBERS! WHO HAS THE NUMBERS?! WHERE IS DESMOND?!?"

    LOVE your thinking about Goodbye, Brotha, goodbye. Yo think that means something? I never pick up on this stuff (maybe because I'm too busy drooling over Desmond). I just truly have no idea what's going to happen. Jacob and his brother freaked me out. I felt SO BAD for their mother... and that woman who killed her and raised them was a complete creepfest (even if she was looking out for their best interest?)

    I'll have to listen to that DCfC song. I love them. They're on my New Moon playlist, too...and when I found out they'd be on the soundtrack I was all "that's right... I'm bad... I called it.."