Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Great Outlander Chat!

Thanks to everyone who came to our Outlander Chat tonight. What a great time! We had 21 people chatting at one point (and a few more lurkers to boot! And everyone is welcome! Chatters AND lurkers!)

I apologize if any of you had a hard time getting in and I assure you; I DID TOO!  The chat website I use made me upgrade to their paid plan because we had more than 10 people in chat this week. And I'm not complaining... because I LOVE TALKING OUTLANDER!!! :)


  1. OMG! I am sooooo sad I missed it! Really, really sad.

  2. The chat was great Carol! I totally couldn't keep up w/it. You guys are a riot.
    I really am going to try to make ComicCon! It would be awesome to see DG in person.

  3. I saw 23 at one point--more than double our previous record!! Welcome and thanks to all the newbies!

  4. I had a great time. It was hard to keep up. I wonder if we can change our name colors. It makes it easier to follow one conversation when there are multiples. (I know this because I may have frequented a weekly Duran Duran chat back in the 90s. Shhh dinna tell anyone.)

  5. I enjoyed the chat too....My computer was acting up at the end, and when I was trying to say goodbye, my message wouldn't go through. Don't know if it ever did, and I ended up just logging off. Anyway, it was great, and yes hard to keep up.
    Looking forward to the videos. You were talking about taking calls via. Skype for subjects to discuss? To start you off with some things to talk about I would like to hear about:
    -your favorite scenes in the series
    -what you think the next book will be about
    -what will happen to Ian
    -and a top 10 favorite C and J moments...

  6. It was soooo much fun last night! You'll have to start charging admission to cover your expenses. I for one would pay!!!

  7. Jeanie we are TOTALLY going to hit all those points you mentioned in the next video. I am psyched. (Do people still say "psyched"? Because I do. I suppose I'm showing my 1) age and 2) lameness. LOL

    Jennifer - You are adorable for saying that.. Thank you. So far I havena gone broke with the site... but if I ever get to take my trip to Scotland... well, then, you never know.. ;)