Sunday, May 2, 2010

Four Greatest Words Ever Spoken:


(Jenn M gets credit for this one, lassies.)


Karen Henry said...

I guess we know where you are in the book now, huh? I love that chapter, "Exodus". The garden scene is just wonderful.


Purgatory Carol said...

I will be blogging soon, Karen. Had to travel to PA yesterday and did a LOT of reading in the car!

Tracey R. said...

Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph. The garden scene is ABSOLUTELY in the "top 10 hottest scenes of the series" list, which Carol and I will have to finalize once she's done reading. (I have my own list for books 1-4, which I keep meaning to write up and make Carol post one of these days...)

But seriously. Let's just ponder the accompanying finger crook. THE FINGER CROOK, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!!!!! Holy shite. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser crooking his finger at ye is the hottest thing, since, well, this one (fast forward to :56):

Jeaniebirdie said...

Great video, Tracey!!!

The finger crook...Oh, Dear Gawd!!!

Shanna said...

This is why I love Jamie!! Swoon.

The Garden Scene is definitely in the top 10!