Monday, September 20, 2010

The Purgatory Tour of Scotland

OK so Tracey and I are in hysterics on the phone, pseudo-planning the Purgatory Tour through Scotland with y'all that we just joked about on Monday night Chat. Tracey and I decided we should give our own, personalized tour of the Outlander sights... complete with Chardy and Pinot for all! (Plain ol' Coca Cola's welcome!)

I am wiping away the tears because I just told Tracey the following:

If I were sober at Culloden, I'd be a weepy mess. But if I were drunk at Culloden, I'd probably throw myself on the moor and cling to the Fraser marker. Then I said "Tracey, can't you see the photo now? You and I on either side of the Fraser marker with wine glasses in our hands?!" (I hope y'all know I'd never actually do this).

Then Tracey decided that she and I are the Patsy and Eddie of Outlander.

I canna type any more...I am laughing too hard!!!!!


L said...

I wanna go too!!!

Sirena said...

Oh lord. The second you mentioned the wine glasses I flashed to Edina and Patsy! Especially with the blonde and brunetteness. Too funny.

Purgatory Carol said...

L - All are welcome! (said like that cute little woman on Poltergeist).

Sirena - Oh you've seen the vision - I can tell. I am Patsy; Tracey is Eddie. Get ready. I'm thinking this is going to have to make its way into a video at some point!

Alli said...

I would definitely be in for that tour! My mom and I (another Outlander fan) have been semi-seriously considering a trip to Scotland (we both want to go eventually) and we've obviously discussed going to many of the sites mentioned in the books, so this would be perfect!

Nikki R. said...

--I'm thinking this is going to have to make its way into a video at some point!--

YES, PLEASE!!!! (And remember to send me a link when it happens. lol)

Lee said...


I think I have found my Sisterhood! LOL!!

Sirena said...


Purgatory Carol said...

SWEETIE DARLINGS! Absolutely FABULOUS, right? The thought of Outlander and AbFab?!