Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Response to Comments from our Exile Video

These are my comments to your comments about the Exile Video blog entry. I got a Blogger hand slap for trying to post such a massive comment -  so I'm going to post them here.


Delta - that rocks. I love this kind of stuff in the books. There is so much room for Diana to play, it's not even funny. LUVS IT!

Jeanie - they are real! They are, they ARE! ;)  LOL You cracked me up. You're so right. Sometimes it makes me sad that they're not real. But as long as DG keeps writing - they kindof are, right?

Rochelle: "Little old troll man" made my damn day. Right - a "mash up" is perfect. That's what they were. And while I don't love the idea... I can understand why they had to do it that way.

Brandy - No clue how far off I am but I say "Geel-is" or "Geel-ee" and "La-hair". Unless I'm calling her, LegHair, LegWhore, Wee Ho, or any number of lovely things we've come up with in the past year of reading. ;)

Terry - GREAT point re: Jamie's height. And that truly is something that we have every right to nitpick.

Bretam - absolutely. I mean- it was uncanny. I wonder if Sean Bean knows. Hmmm... maybe My Outlander Purgatory should email him... double hmm....

Lisa - it's funny - I haven't picked it up in a few days... so I wonder if I could have left it and not bought it. Nah. LOL But my hub has been reading it today. He's digging it. I wonder why? (ahem boobage, ahem.)

DedaMc97 - Yup. I'm with ya.

Jessica - THANKS. Now that's a compliment!!

Sally - My mouth is a agape. Wow. Great concepts. A free Scotland in 1999. I've always thought how much I'd love to turn on the Olympics and see "Scotland" representing itself... and not as the United Kingdom. (No offense to any of you from the UK, mind... I just get sad when Scotland doesn't get to stand up and... be). LOVE LOVE LOVE that you just put "we think" about Geillie's death. I've always taken it for granted because she seemed to bite it in the cave - but more importantly because of the bones in Joe Abernathy's office. But wowwy macwowwy. What if she didn't? WHAT a thing to ponder!!!  Looking forward to discussing at length in NYC! :)

Adventures North - LOL! Tracey will say I'm Regis. I don't know that either of us will win in this sitch. As much as I find both Regis and Kelly amusing, one of us has to be the clueless old guy and one of us has to be the stereotypical dumb blonde. Personally I think I have a lot of practice at the latter. ;)

You just nailed what I love most: What did Frank know? What did Frank do? I'm on Dragonfly and Claire just mentioned a trip Frank took to France. I have made it up in my brain that Frank took a summer away and actually traveled through the stones and is going to show up in Book 8. That would be the best present EVAH.

Stephlav - YOU AND ME BOTH, BABY!!! I AM SO with ya on that one. I hated the French girl! Then again - I had an incredibly hard time dealing with the Indian squaws, too... and yet - the LegHair marriage barely bothered me. Go figure!!!

Josie - Yesssssss!!! RIGHT! He was about to jump in the sack with Little Miss France! What was THAT all about?!? My god I canna even THINK about the possibility. My blood boils! And yup - Claire's boobs bothered me. And I'm tired of people saying "That's how it is in GN's" (including my HUSBAND who doesn't seem to mind) I GET IT. BOOBS ARE MASSIVE IN THE COMICS. I expected them to be big. I just didn't expect them to take on a life of their own and seem to jump up in my face and sing the national anthem every time I turned the page.

MichelleKCanada - LOL Lagobitch. That's awesome.

Sirena - No I don't think you're a loser. We all have our little DG quirks. Mine is avoiding everything that has anything to do with upcoming the extent that I have still not decided what I'm going to do if my favorite author of all time decides to read some of her upcoming work at ComicCon. Seriously. If I can do it inconspicuously, I may actually get up and walk out. NOW who's the loser??

Amber - it's at the end when Jamie is on the ship back to the US with Jenny. Let us know when you find it!!

Megs - wow - brills theory on Jamie projecting his feelings for the French girl onto Claire! I don't know if I'm down with it -but it's still a neat thing to ponder! I think Jamie was drawn to Claire from day 1 (second 1) because she was from the future and had spunk and confidence and wasn't afraid to use her brains.. and Jamie was so smart and educated and really felt like he'd met his match. AND she was attractive with big boobage... and most likely way more attractive and groomed than what he had seen up until meeting her. (Wow I don't think I've ever voiced that. Hmmm. Might have to be a blog post.) As far as the way Jamie's face looks: Couldn't agree more. His face-changes are almost as distracting as Claire's bigguns.

Anonymous - verra interesting thought! But DG has already said the big chap (ew Frank speak, ew cooties) was Jamie's ghost. I canna WAIT until that is revealed! (Actually I can because that will mean the series is over and I don't know how I'll withstand that pain. I've already lived it with Twilight; I canna do it again.)

Beth - I just laughed heartily right out loud. "Super-Duper-Mega all-powerful traveler" is DA BOMB. Luvs it. I MUST use that on the blog soon. I'll give you credit. :)


  1. Hmm. Frank going that would be interesting. I had wondered if maybe Jamie would go forward. But wait...Frank has seen Jamie, as a ghost. Does he not remember that night? Ya'd think he would!!

    Help me remember, please! Do we know that Frank did not kill himself? For some reason, I think he did. Seems like his death was awfully vague. Was he unable to live without Claire but also unable to send her back and finally couldn't take it anymore? Maybe he learned something in France and planned to kill himself all along at a certain point...I never quite believed that hooey about his heart condition that he somehow knew would knock him off young. We know he knew something though - he prepared Bree for her return and clued Claire in about Jamie. But why did he wait so long? To punish her?

    And does he ever meet Jamie? Let's see...Frank can see ghosts & Jamie can see in dreams. How could those paths cross? Wait: could Frank have seen Claire's ghost if she died in the past which caused him to go off the road?

    I know...this Frank business is killing me now that I'm done wigging out about the dead French girl. Lemme know when you got it all figured out, Reg. (-;

  2. I had the exact same crisis at DragonCon- I didn't want to hear any spoilers from book 8 (since I hadn't finished book 7), but I couldn't muster the courage to get up and walk out! It was okay though, I was totally enthralled the entire time she was reading.

    I have an exciting Fraser story I wanted to share :) I went to the beach with my fam and totally stumbled upon the fact that the beach I've been going to for the past 28 years is the same beach where Fort Johnston was located, where Gov Martin fled in 1775! Aka the actual location where Jamie rescued Claire from the ship in ABOSAA!! I almost had a heart attack! I made a panoramic of the view and posted on my blog, you should check it out :)

    Also, I was not the least bit excited about the Exile until I watched your videos. You guys turned me around and I ordered it from Amazon that night (hopefully I won't have to wait long for it!)!


  3. Yay Bri!!! IMO, you'll enjoy The Exile if you don't take it too seriously. You can't focus on stuff inconsistencies in the story/artwork--there are plenty, but let's face it, this is a different medium altogether. It does have a different "feel" than the books, but at the end of the day the GN is a lot of fun. Period, end of story.

  4. Adventures- I am sooooo torn over Frank and what he KNEW and his true feelings for Claire. I think he may have been actually trying to kill himself, but I KNOW he was trying to get Claire to return to Jamie. BUT WHY????? What does he know? Was it just out of love and wanting Claire to be finally happy (I don't think so) or was it a catalyst for Bree's travel? I have to know!!!!! I wish Diana would write a Frank's side of the story.

  5. Yay Carol, I'm glad you don't think that Jamie projected his feelings of the French girl onto Claire. I wanted to be wrong on that! I like your theory better! Definitely more romantic!

  6. ShoeCrazy, I'm all torn up about this, too. I don't actually hate Frank at all. In fact, I think he's maybe going to come out quite the hero/tragic figure by the time this is all done. Jamie owes him his daughter & his wife...was it all for love that Frank did what he did? And Jamie, thoughtful gallant manly man that he is, surely recognizes this. I sure hope she brings them face to face at some point. If anyone can shed any clarity on the matter of Frank in the meantime...please do! (-;

  7. Frank is the reincarnated Jack Randall and Jamie got even.