Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wait A Week Mystery

I've got a cool new blog for you to check out... a blog by none other than our own My Outlander Purgatory friend Christie! Christie is a HUGE FAN of the Outlander series... and has written a novel or two of her own. She is making one public on her blog "Wait A Week Mystery" and you can check it out here.  She's posting a chapter a week... how much fun is that?? So go check it out - and make sure you comment! Cuz all bloggers loveeeeeee comments! :)


  1. appropos of nothing...was at a scottish games this weekend, and spotted a booth for Utilikilts. Explored their website a bit for kicks, http://www.utilikilts.com , and had a great time. Pics, list of top 100 reasons to wear a kilt, etc. Funny!

  2. ahaha there's a funny mock commercial too