Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My comment from my last entry; I had to post it just in case it's missed over there: 

You guys are all so awesome. I can't believe we've got friends in Canada and Australia waiting for their books too! (Well I CAN believe it but I love that you guys hang here in Purgatory with us and it's TOMORROW for Josie!) : )

Having said that - I got the book - I finished the book - I made a video with Tracey. My apologies because it's going to be longgggg. But not a stone was left unturned!

My absolute THANKS to all of you who "held my hand" while I was waiting for my book....

My absolute GOOD SHIPPING VIBES to those of you who haven't received the book yet - and I promised you, it is definitely worth the wait!


  1. YAY! I'm excited for the video! I hope you gals talked about the questions the GN answered, and the questions it raised!!

    So excited!!

  2. crisis averted - it came! and wow. Just WOW!

  3. Megs - we talked and talked and talked. LOL You'll be sick of us but we had to get it all out.

    Josie - YEY! You got it! Excellent! Two words: PAGE FIVE!!!!!!!

  4. Carol:

    Four more words:

    Chapter 6, page 27. :-)


  5. <--- In Costa Rica....stiiiiilll waiting *harumph*

  6. I must give a special welcome to emeseis, who holds the distinction of being the only person HERSELF tweets to IN SPANISH! So eme--is anyone giving you an idea of when the book will make its way to you? I have half a mind to just scan page 5 at work and email it to you! :-)

  7. Where can we view the video? Sorry new here.

  8. Michelle--it'll be up as soon as I get it edited--hopefully this evening. Carol will embed it in a post you can watch it right from My Outlander Purgatory, and it'll also be on YouTube. And I should say "them" rather than "it," cause I'm guessing there'll be about 5.

  9. Emeseis needs to move up here to Canada but I really don't think she is going to survive page 5.

    Make sure you have little T packed for his move up here before you open that page bb. I will be a good mother to him, lol

    Now if only Amazon would hurry up and get my Kindle to me. It's been 9 days!

    BTW, they had a bajillion copies of The Exile at Costco yesterday.

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  11. Awesome!! Can't wait to see the video!

  12. Grrr I'm still waiting here in Germany to get my hands on Exile!
    Got the shipping mail today... Hope it's in my mailbox tomorrow morning!

  13. Do your books have page numbers? I looked up page 5 though and page 27 of chapter six.
    Yes, I *ahem* did notice those pages....I had to spend quite a bit of time pouring over them to make sure I didn't miss any important part of the 'story'.

  14. Oh Karen thanks for that. I patiently counted out all the pages until I got to it. What a treat.

    MichelleK - WELCOME! We'll get those puppies up ASAP! :)

    Oooh Athena - new Kindle?! Enjoy! I love my Kindle almost as much as I love my family. LOL

    Marenzi - did you get it?! And welcome - Germany! That's awesome! We love spreading Jamie love all around the world. :)

    Josie - no - we don't have page numbers either - but it's worth the time it takes to count when you have such perfection waiting for you on page 27 of chapter 6, right? :) :)

  15. Hello, just found your blog :) I am still waiting for The Exile and am Desperate. I am in Malta Europe and Amazon is telling me that I could be waiting until the of October :(.

  16. Welcome Romina!! Malta! Wow - that is very cool. I am SO SORRY you won't have the book until then. End of October?! What is up with that?! Is there any way a store would have it before then, maybe?

  17. Hi Carol, yep Malta:) Jamie has fans even on this tiny island. The exile should reach me on the 15th. I dont know the date did not show on my previous comment. For now I am re listening to Drums and reading your previous posts and looking forward to read more spoilers. Hugs.