Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Exile gods are NOT smiling down on me today...

2:25 PM and I still don't have it. It's coming via USPS... and my mail has already arrived today. Now - usually a book will arrive separately because it's too large for the mailbox. But the separate deliveries usually come in the AM.

I'm heading over to the Post Office now...to see if they can help me or give me any info.

I'll keep you posted. (NO PUN INTENDED!!!!!!)

PS - Nope. Not going to Barnes and Noble. I ordered it. I'm waiting for it. I'll know better next time.


  1. I just rec'd a text message form Amazon...The Exile is at my front door...and I'm still at work! I need to go home....I need to go home...feeling dizzy... :-)

  2. Carol, dinna fash yourself,it will arrive...probably UPS if it is amazon.
    Let me tell you how big a freak i am. When it had not arrived by lunch time, I scooted on over to barnes and noble, and sat in the corner and read through it. Holy cow, some big surprises, and some things that make you go hmmmmmmmm. Canna wait to read your reaction!

  3. Mine hasnae arrived either :( and I won't go get another one!! Damn you Chapters! I have eaten a large Dairy Milk bar and 2 greek almond cookies covered in powdered sugar. Time to hit the ice cream.... I haven't even received the email telling me it shipped!!!!!

  4. Oh Athena you have made me feel better about my depression binging last night!!!!

    Angi - it actually came USPS like they said it would (go figure!)

    Cynthia - ahhh! What a feeling it must have been when you got home! :)