Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Great Dragonfly ReRead

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read the first few chapters of Dragonfly in Amber. 

Wow. Just... wow. What a difference a new read makes. The first time I read DinA - I was lost without Jamie in the beginning. I couldn't get past my shock and general confusion at the 20 years that had passed to really enjoy what was happening. But now? Oh. My. God. I keep crying!  I was on the treadmill this AM and every time I hit a new paragraph I was in tears! I just kept marveling over Bree. She's JAMIE'S DAUGHTER!!!!  I kept thinking "Oh my god, how lucky for Claire that SHE HAD BREE". Every day - she had a MAJOR piece of Jamie- right there - to look at, talk to, hug and kiss... And Jamie had nothing. Not one thing that reminded him of Claire,  save his imagination and memories. Then again - some would argue that it wasn't luck that Claire had Bree - that it might have been just the opposite. Every day she had to see Jamie in Bree's face - and know he was gone.

Oh god I think need to go lie down. Seriously. During my first read I didn't really dwell on ANY of this because I was so upset and freaked out that 20 years had passed... and I couldn't do anything but try to crack the code of how we were going to get back to Jamie.

But this time?? I cried when Roger went to Lallybroch. I cried when Bree's foot was sticking out of the bed. I cried when Claire knocked over the whisky glasses and I cried when Roger found "James Fraser" in the records.

Oh it's WONDERFUL!!!!  Positively DELICIOUS!!!

PS - Is it a little odd that I am almost jealous of all the boxes of books and paperwork that Roger gets to go through? He's totally dreading it because of his emotional attachment to the reverend. But not me!  I love history and geneaology and would be salivating at the prospect of going through all those Culloden records and information.


  1. Hahahaha that illustration you included is cracking me up.

  2. I was devastated on my first read of the first chapter, I was in my car - not good. At this point in the book I already lust after Roger but often wondered, If Roger is an historian why is he not interested in all of the historical paraphernalia right in the house? Just think about the books about the 45, you bet the Rev had many because of what he was told about Claire. I don't get it.

    I loved Rog's reaction to Bree wiping off the spilt whiskey from his shoes and pants.

    Carol are you listening? It is so emotional when Davina does it.

  3. I agree with you - I would be in my personal nirvana with so much history surrounding me. Going through it all would be like taking my own personal journey back in time (sans stones).

    On my first read I remember being confused by the leap back to the present. I thought it must have been a misprint...and then I got upset, realizing it wasn't and that somehow, they had lost each other...but how?!? It was agonizing, but beautiful, to read about it. I miss being a newbie!

  4. Carol, I don't know the best place to post this, but I knew I HAD to share it. I am teaching American Lit this semester (for the first time), and we are to the Revolutionary War. The kids are reading and discussing Patrick Henry's "Speech to the Virginia Convention" (it's the "give me liberty, or give me death" one), and as I was preparing, I just kept thinking about Echo in the Bone!

    I just wanted to strongly urge anyone currently reading Echo (or about to start it again) to check out this speech. I'm sure it is available somewhere online, and it is so powerful and indicative of the time period.

    Okay, I will get off my soapbox now!

  5. What in the world is that picture about? Is it supposed to be Brianna?

  6. I agree Carol! Very touching! I have to tell you a little thought I had the other day. I just gave birth to my little boy on Friday, and as I was holding him. I just thought how sad that was... Jamie didn't get to experience any of Bree, her birth, the little hands and feet. I wish he could have experienced that in the books. K now is that crazy that I have my baby AND I still have Outlander on the brain! Craziness people..Craziness! ;-) And then reality kicked in when I had to remind myself that Jamie is a character in book!

  7. L, that's so funny, I thought you meant that like "Carol, are you listening to me?" LOL!!! And no - I'm still waiting for Tracey to get DinA on audio and force me to listen. But I love Davina. So if I had the audio - I'd definitely be listening.

    Oooh Jo - great idea!!

    StephLav - yes - I was so enthralled with a red-headed daughter of THE James Fraser and her large frame... that I just HAD to google "female viking". I'll have to post a credit since people actually noticed the photo.

    CONGRATULATIONS ANGELA!!! I didn't know you were pregnant! No wonder we haven't heard from you much here or over at MTP!!! That's wonderful. And yes, I'd have been the same way. It kills me that Jamie never got to hold his own bairn until she was 21 years old. Thank god for Jemmy.

  8. Congratulations Angela!! All the best to you, your family, and the new little one!!

    So it must be asked: does the wee bairn's name include James, Alexander, or Malcolm???? ;-)

  9. Wow! I totally missed the picture!! I was so wrapped up in what Carol was saying, I didn't even take my eyes away from the print! For me, DinA was much better the second time. I was less worried about everything.

    You guys are awesome! I could just sit around with you and talk about Outlander for days!! I can't find anyone around me who wants to talk about it that much. I have some friends who have read the books, but they aren't obssessing over Jamie and Claire... I don't get it!

  10. I just had a giggle fit at Tracey's baby name question. My pathetic explanation to my roommate over my giggles just made them come harder. I love being an Outlander geek.

  11. I just finished Fiery Cross and am searching on the internet about the North Carolina Regulators.

  12. Carol,
    I'm right where you are, feeling the same thing. I think knowing the entire story makes it harder to read the second time, not easier.
    When Claire wakes from her dream and Hears Jamie say "You are mine. Mine! And I will not let you go." I can't describe how I felt, reading it this time.

  13. Jeanette--I agree with you on that scene! It broke my heart! So emotional!!

  14. Congrats Angela! How wonderful! always I agree 100%

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