Monday, September 20, 2010

The Purgatory Tour of Scotland

OK so Tracey and I are in hysterics on the phone, pseudo-planning the Purgatory Tour through Scotland with y'all that we just joked about on Monday night Chat. Tracey and I decided we should give our own, personalized tour of the Outlander sights... complete with Chardy and Pinot for all! (Plain ol' Coca Cola's welcome!)

I am wiping away the tears because I just told Tracey the following:

If I were sober at Culloden, I'd be a weepy mess. But if I were drunk at Culloden, I'd probably throw myself on the moor and cling to the Fraser marker. Then I said "Tracey, can't you see the photo now? You and I on either side of the Fraser marker with wine glasses in our hands?!" (I hope y'all know I'd never actually do this).

Then Tracey decided that she and I are the Patsy and Eddie of Outlander.

I canna type any more...I am laughing too hard!!!!!


  1. Oh lord. The second you mentioned the wine glasses I flashed to Edina and Patsy! Especially with the blonde and brunetteness. Too funny.

  2. L - All are welcome! (said like that cute little woman on Poltergeist).

    Sirena - Oh you've seen the vision - I can tell. I am Patsy; Tracey is Eddie. Get ready. I'm thinking this is going to have to make its way into a video at some point!

  3. I would definitely be in for that tour! My mom and I (another Outlander fan) have been semi-seriously considering a trip to Scotland (we both want to go eventually) and we've obviously discussed going to many of the sites mentioned in the books, so this would be perfect!

  4. --I'm thinking this is going to have to make its way into a video at some point!--

    YES, PLEASE!!!! (And remember to send me a link when it happens. lol)


    I think I have found my Sisterhood! LOL!!

  6. SWEETIE DARLINGS! Absolutely FABULOUS, right? The thought of Outlander and AbFab?!

    STOLI BABE!!!!!!