Saturday, September 25, 2010

Discussing Diana Gabaldon's "The Exile"


  1. Ok guys...still don't have my book. :-( Guess I'll have to watch ye later.

  2. OUTSTANDING INTRO! I laughed so much my cat left! This book is so much fun, I totally agree about the humor. The looks on Claire's face were a hoot. It was well worth the wait.

    The very first nit-pick thing I noticed was the color of the kilts should be reversed. Fraser's are red. MacKenzie's are blue/green. Overall I loved it.

  3. Oh Lolly I'm SO sorry you still dinna have The Exile. :( What's the story right now? Is it on its way??

    L - yeah the kilt colors confused both Tracey and me. But I didna dwell on it too long...Page 5 was-a-callin'. :)

  4. Right after I finished the book I said to myself, "Well that was kinda silly." I'm not exactly sure what my expectations were, but I know they weren't met. Oh well. It's not important enough to dwell on.

    Things I did like were....
    1. Jamie's backside.
    2. Murtagh's devotion to Jamie. I never really got that so much in the books.
    3. Jamie's backside.
    4. The handy gaelic translations.
    4. The backstory about the French girl. Brief as it was, it did clear up a little about what Jamie was thinking in Echo.
    5. The whole Kenneth story. Very intriguing. It never ocurred to me that Geillis had another time traveler working with her to accomplish her goals.
    6. Jamie's backside. Wait - I think I mentioned that one already.
    Maybe I could blow up that picture and hang it on my bedroom wall. Better yet, my shower. That way I could always take a shower with naked Jamie.

  5. This was too funny. I started watching it and my husband was making fun of me for watching it from across the room (he actually asked if you guys were real or an SNL skit...). Pretty soon he's pulled up a chair and brought his little carpentry project over to work on so he could watch it, too.

    Now mind you, he hasn't actually read ANY of the books, though he kinda knows who's who. His contribution to your conversation is that sure Jamie would've said Holy God the 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. times because there are only so many things you can think of to say at that moment (-;

    Here's my contribution - if I remember right from Outlander, didn't Jamie take a while to say "I love you" to Claire? Or am I imagining that? At any rate, in my warped memory it seems like that happened, but then there he was in the Exile saying it to her in Gaelic right from the beginning when Murtagh is listening from behind the tree. It was cool to see his feelings from the beginning.

    Poor Lolly S!!!

  6. Lolly S, ye are not alone in your misery - I don't have my book yet either! Today was supposed to be THE DAY, but nooooooo. Tracking says it's sitting in a FedEx Smartpost (what????) somewhere in Memphis. People, I LIVE in Memphis - the home of FedEx. Is this standard procedure for USPS to ship through FedEx? I have never had anything I pre-ordered from Amazon to take this long.

    I'm furious, I'm heartbroken, but I watched y'all anyway. It helped -a little.

  7. Loved the video, own thoughts about Kenneth:

    1. He used blood to time travel like Geille. Claire did not.

    2. Does he fit into the storyline with Bree & Roger & Jem & Rob Cameron (at the end of Echo).

    3. Would he have been the same age as Roger???

    4. Kenneth is pro-Scotland like Rob Cameron. Do ya think Rob Cameron knew him and Geille?


    When Claire reunites with Geille in Jamaica, Geille sees the picute of Bree & realizes that there is another heir to Lovat's line & the prophecy??? This has always bothered me b/c it does not get mentioned further...If I remember correctly (which I may not), doesn't the heir to Lovat's line have something to do with freeing Scotland. Could this be why Jem was taken at the end of Echo?

    Thoughts about Murtagh...

    1. Loved him & his devotion to Jamie.

    2. Loved the scene where you saw him talking to Ellen's picture & pledging his love to her. (That would be a story I would love to hear about Ellen/Brian/Murtagh/The Gathering).

    4. Also, his spying allows me to understand how he could accept Claire so openly without question to who she or where she came from aside from it just being b/c Jamie wanted her.

    Thoughts about Dougal & Colum

    1. GN allows you to understand how much a threat Jamie was to the clan. I didn't realized there were so many who would not have followed Dougal if Jamie had been a candidate for chief. (Makes sense when in Outlander Claire is able to get Dougal's men to help her rescue Jamie from Wentworth against Dougal's wishes).

    2. I think Colum had a soft spot for Jamie - I wish we could have seen more with the scene involving Ned & Colum after the poisoning...I wonder what his will would have said. Remember, he asked to see Murtagh but Murtagh took off to the witch trial...

    Thoughts about Laoghaire???

    1. Do ya believe her when she says she didn't think Claire would be taken???

    2. Oh, I do believe Murtagh is related to Mrs. Fitz...I think through marriage - it is mentioned in Outlander somewhere when Jamie & Claire return to Lallybrook.

    Well, just my thoughts. What do ya think?

  8. @Carol - It's literally in the mail. Last I checked and it's in California - I'm in KY. Maybe early this week. Thank goodness for UPS. We're a hub. Maybe USPS uses UPS! Ha-Ha!

  9. Hey, Lolly S, did you read my post? My book is being shipped USPS via FedEx, and the trip started in KY. Now I ask you, how long should it take from KY to Memphis, TN hmmm? Probably got rerouted to CA. HA!

  10. Adventures North: Your hubby thinking we were an SNL skit is maybe the best compliment we've ever gotten! Almost as good as being mistaken for Regis and Kelly!

    Anonymous: Jem as heir apparent to the Stuart throne?????? O.M.G. It is simply too early in the morning for me to grasp the full awesomeness of that theory. I'm going to have to reread the entire Rob Cameron part of Echo and ponder. BRILLS!!

  11. First of all - I canna BELIEVE all the craziness of UPS, USPS, Fed Ex, etc. If I lived in MEMPHIS - and my book was SITTING AT A FED EX IN MEMPHIS - I would be calling the damn news.

    Second of all - I agree with Tracey - Jem being the heir...wowwy mcWOWWY. I feel like I haven't been immersed in Outlanderland enough lately to come up with this stuff. Maybe I should skip Dragonfly and go right back to Echo!

    I dinna believe one thing that comes out of LegHair's mouth. If she didna know that Claire would be taken - and Geillis didna really send for Claire - then WHY did she she send Claire to see Geillis?!? If we knew LegWhore heard Jamie ask Claire to stay away from Geillis' - then yes, I'd think "Well maybe she just wanted to get Claire in some trouble". But we've never heard that. So why would she send Claire to see Geillis? I dinna get it.

    Stephlav - did ye happen to see Jamie's backside? ;)

  12. I liked "Exile" but I have to read it again. So many of the male characters look alike that at times I had trouble deciding who was who. Also, I am over half way through "A Breath of Snow and Ashes". Lizzie cracks me up. The shy little mouse saying, "What does it matter if I have both the Beardsleys?" Tee hee hee.

    If anyone wants to read a great series about present day Scots--please read Alexander McCall Smith's, "44 Scotland Street" series. It is wonderful. I am as addicted to it as I am to Gabaldon.

  13. Tracy & Carol,

    As for Lovat's line...I don't think it was heir to the Stuarts throne - it had something to do with Scotland leadership, I think & Geille wanted to destroy that. I'm not sure I don't have the books to check but didn't Geille tell Claire she would leave her Jamie but had to go back & take the girl (Bree) right before the ax scene in Voyager. Could someone check about that? And also, in Echo is a Kenneth mentioned at all??? I agree with you gals, where did Diana come up with that name of all names - he's got to be mentioned somewhere, right.

  14. The prophecy is spelled out in Chapter 61, 'The Crocodile's Fire' page 810 in Voyager HC,Delecorte Press edition 1994. "The prophecy states that a new ruler of Scotland will spring from Lovat's lineage. This is to come to pass followig the eclipse of 'the kings of the white rose' - a clear reference to the Papist Sturats, of course".

  15. Loved the videos, have been waiting for them for a while...The intro was hilarious...

    Thoughts...I liked Exile, and I loooved seeing Jamie for the first time. I actually was not too much a fan of the whole Kenneth thing. Thought it was kind of blah blah. I would have been happy to just have Outlander "as we know it" as a GN. I would have still bought it, even if it hadn't had any new material.

    I really missed more intimate moments between Jamie and Claire. The days after their wedding of them getting to know each other, and falling in love, are some of my favorite parts of the series, and I was sooo sad to see that it was completely skipped in the GN. To be honest, I don't think a person just reading the GN would understand the love between Jamie and Claire, and how much they would actually do for each other. That was missing from Exile, imo. I guess because you can't read their thoughts, like in the original.

    Speaking of the original vs. Exile. The part where Jamie "explains" to Claire why he had to beat her for running away, did not make any sense to me in The Exile, but in the original, I completely got it, and I wonder if a first time reader would understand it, with just the GN "explanation" Did that make any sense?

    Oh, gotta mention that I love how you guys talk about them like they are real people. Carol, you said, you were happy that the French girl died, because imagine what wouldn't have been, if Jamie had stayed in France...ehhh, nothing, hun, because they are not real people. LOL I catch myself having the same thoughts from time to time, and forget that they are, in fact, imaginary people, in a book. :-)

    BTW, Carol, you were right about the wedding night. Jamie, at least, had his shirt on the first time, and he and Claire DID say those exact words pictured in that first panel of them together. I was also kind of diappointed that their encounters had been mixed together. That whole night was so very special, and I hated seeing it so cut up and short...

    Sorry for rambling....

  16. I loved the intro to your video - too funny!! Carol, how you survived that extra day, I'll never know.

    Tracey, I agree with you on the Kenneth storyline. I need to re-read the whole thing to see if I feel differently about it.

    Murtagh....I pictured him as an ugly, little old troll man, but he was kind of hot, in his scruffy, grubby way, no? I have such a deeper appreciation of his devotion towards Jamie after reading The Exile though. And I freaked out a little when he was about to kill Claire in her sleep! OMG, I can't believe you guys didn't freak out over that on the video! And his love for Ellen...I never fully appreciated the depth of it before now.

    The wedding: Claire's response to seeing Jamie all dressed up was priceless. "Oh. My. God." I literally laughed out loud there! And didn't you just love what he said to her in Gaelic after she collapsed after the wedding? I melted!

    As for the wedding night, I viewed those scenes as a mash-up (shameless Glee reference) between their first few sexual encounters. There were definitely moments of their first encounter (some of the dialog) and their third encounter (you know what I'm talking about here), all combined into one scene. I was fine with them doing that for the GN. I knew it couldn't be a literal interpretation, since Outlander is so rich in detail and dialog.

    Overall, I loved it!

  17. On a completely random note, I'm always interested in how people pronounce Geillis and Loaghaire. I've always said them in my head as "Gay-lee" and "Leery" so it stands out when I hear different pronunciations.

    What do the rest of you say in your mind when you read and does anyone know what Diana says in her head when she is writing/reading??

  18. Brandy-I think that was interesting, too. I say, Leery now for LegWhore as we fondly refer to her! But I say Gillie for Geillis so I was caught off guard when Carol said it in the video.

    Carol and Tracy-you two are a hoot! I said I wouldn't buy the GN, but gave in late last week and ordered it. Now I'm one of the many waiting at the mailbox!
    BTW, I don't think it will be too long before you might BE a SNL skit-what a riot THAT would be!

  19. @Brandy: I call them Jealous and Leghair
    My main comment about the artwork is that Jamie needs to be so much taller! Look especially at the wedding scenes where they exchange vows. Claire should fit under his chin. He calls her the wee lassie so many times, but he doesn't tower over her.
    As to Kenneth storyline--meh.
    Great video(s) ladies, keep up the good work.

  20. Does anyone else think that Murtagh looked like Sean Bean or what!!!!??? He could totally play him other than that I have no other comments until I read it again!!!!!

  21. Does anyone else think that Murtagh looked like Sean Bean or what!!!!??? He could totally play him other than that I have no other comments until I read it again!!!!!

  22. Ladies, I just love your videos. So much fun. I ran to B and N today and read the book. No, I didnt buy it. But as I sat there, I didnt want anyone invading my space. Didnt want anyone looking over my shoulder. Wondering if anyone was of like mind and "knowing" what I was reading. It was very funny and I couldnt help but laugh out loud. Leaves me wondering about Kenneth and Gellis. A very evil pair. But I didnt think that way so much in the books about Gellis. Weird and demented yes not not so much evil. Wonder where they go from here.

  23. I agree with the person wanting Sean Bean to play Murtagh. I love Sean Bean. Too bad that he is too old to play Jamie.

  24. I found your videos ten times more exciting then the GN. Not much I can say that I liked about it, aside from the backside pic. LOL! I just didn't feel it, pretty much found it lame. Odd, never felt that way about a DG product.

    Oh well! :( at least it was something to read.

  25. Carol,

    Loved your video (as usual) you guys are a hoot! Can't wait to meet in NYC in 2 weeks. To me, the book was as I expected. Just OK, and nice to get another view into the Jamie and Claire universe, but not a big fan of the "medium" of comic books. Diana was working on this while working on Echo, maybe she should have written a couple more chapters to add to the end of Echo, instead!

    DeltaTN, The prophecy is one of the most intriguing mysteries of the books for me (that and What Did Frank know?). From what I've read on CS, Diana loves to leave little things hanging that she may or may not pick up later and I think the prophecy is one of those things that will come back. Gellie stole a picture of Brianna in Voyager.. why? It was running through Gellie's mind in Voyager (she tells us in no uncertain terms) that Brianna could be the one to fulfill the prophecy since she the last one in Lovat's line (at the time). She stole the picture, then the witch died in the cave(we think). So now there is Jem, he is the last male in the Lovat Line. Could it be that they will change history and the end of the books show a free Scotland in 1999 (for example) with Jem as the King?

  26. (giggling...) So which one was Regis? (-;

    I'm totally addicted to your blog - so much fun. I can't believe I suffered for so long in Outlander isolation.

    I love all the Jem/prophecy speculation. And what did Frank know? I'm trying to wrap my mind around that one. What could he have known given the time of his death? And am I the only one who thinks Frank learned something that caused him to kill himself? It was a car accident, right? But do we know for sure that he didn't finally snap? I think Jamie is going to end up being more indebted to Frank than we think at the end of all this.


  27. I realize this is ridiculous, but I hated that French girl. I was glaring at her pictures. Her only crime is holding Jamie's attention/affection for a few hours. That's it. But I didn't like it. Jamie's one and only love is Claire and I don't like to think about Jamie loving anybody else.

  28. I agree with you Stephlav - I also fond the french girl scenes a bit...well..I don't really know what, but people always seem to jump all over Claire for being so sexual and jumping into a marriage with a man she only knew a cont have been much longer between that and Jamies french lass either. Plus I was a bit mad because (in my mind) he was waiting for the love of his life to come along and thats what he was saving his virginity for - in the GN he was about to give it away!

    I found the novel quite interesting - especially the new story lines - but not nearly enough details about the Kenneth/Geillis story. Who is Kenneth!?!?!? He must be in a book somewhere!!! Occasionally I had trouble figuring out who was who, and felt a bit flat at the end...felt like it ended WAY too soon, and left TOOOOOO many loose ends (even for DG!)

  29. oh...and I agree with you Carol...even with the warnings about boobage from DG, i totally found Claire's boobs distracting...they seemed to have a life of their own - sometimes big, sometimes huge and sometimes enormous..and occasionally I wasn't sure whether they were actually in her dress or not.
    Totally unfair that they covered Jamie's butt in the love-making scene (and showed it on page five anyway!?), but still let Claire's boobs run totally wild!

  30. I love your videos. I was really anticipating your reactions.

    The Exile was a fun little book and I think I need to read a few more times to better review. I was so confused with the Kenneth thing and I also was confused on the characters because the men looked so much alike.

    I laugh what you guys called "Leery". Before I knew that was how you say her name, to me she was Lagobitch.

  31. OK, Number 1, the funniest intro/video session yet. You should be banned from video/cartoon intro-ing for life now. I'm SO happy you got the book! Without it, there wouldna have been a video!
    Number 2, L's comment (comment 2), I laughed so much my cat left, was almost as funny as the video!

    Also, am I the only loser waiting to buy the exile? I dinna mind the spoilers, I just feel like after this there's not a lot of DG for awhile. Plus, I wasn't too psyched about Outlander the Musical (you know I want to call is Seussical the musical) so a little reticence might be prudent!

  32. Please help! If you ladies know where in Echo that the French girl is mentioned, can you tell me?

    I've only read it once, and now I want to find that part and it's driving me nuts that I can't find it :) I remember being so upset at the idea of "another woman".

  33. Don't worry Carol, I laughed at your "stunning buttocks" joke ;)Here are some of my responses to the hilarious videos (Sorry, its so long!):

    You guys probably dinna remember, but I said, way back when, that Murtagh was the one who was looking out for Claire when Jamie when hunting with the Duke. I knew it!!

    I dinna ken why, but I almost felt like Jamie was falling in love with Claire and protecting her because of the French girl-And I felt like he was projecting his feelings of the lost French girl onto Claire, and I felt like that almost cheapened their relationship in the beginning? Please someone tell me I'm wrong! I dinna want to feel that way!

    I Dinna like Claire's hair on page 10 of Chapter 6. Frame one. She looks like a poodle. just sayin'.

    Maybe no one took Claire's dress off when she was drunk as a skunk. Maybe Claire took off her own dress and just dinna remember...?

    My thoughts on Jamie's pictures in general: I LOVED the beginning pictures of him. Now, with that said- I tooootally understand that not every picture can be about the character's faces and blah, blah, blah. But, I feel like the quality of his face went down throughout the rest of the GN. I feel like it wasna even the same face anymore! And The picture when Claire see's him for the first time on their wedding day. Priceless! But I feel like his face should have been way hot, like page 3 hot.

  34. Strange thought pertaining to the blood/gemstone/time travel...

    You guys mention that Claire "just" traveled b/c it was in her genes & Geillie & Kenneth used blood...what if anyone can travel but the porthole must be opened with blood if you don't have the genes i.e. Kenneth refers to Geillie as a witch in The Exile, but not himself & he traveled. That would make sense since Claire went w/o anything twice.

    Wouldn't it be cool if Diana ended the book with Jamie traveling to her time via blood...And the ghost in Outlander is Jem. Does anyone remember how old the "big chap" was that Frank saw assuming it was a ghost???

  35. Interesting thought Anonymous!!

    By the way, I meant to add that Murtagh is a BAMF in the GN!!!

    (BAMF= Bad Ass Mother F... ahem, you can thank Dane Cook for that abbreviation... I can't stop using it for people who are pretty BA, like Murt)

  36. It would be cool if Jamie traveled somehow...but then what happened to Jem? Why did he end up being the ghost? And why would he be mad at Frank? (Didn't Frank say he looked angry?)

  37. Okay just got through your videos. Loved them!
    To me, Kenneth = Nikki and Paulo (for you LOST fans out there;))

    I really wish they had shown Jamie getting Claire's wedding ring when they returned to the Castle!

    Thoughts on Jem: The scene in the book (I forget which one at the moment)where Claire lets him play with her opal, and the thing burns him and explodes, but it doesn't do that to anyone else, seemed extremely important to me. If we think of Claire, Roger, Bree, as "Super Travelers" who can guide themselves by thought, then this scene makes me think that Jem is a Super-Duper-Mega all-powerful traveler, which could lead to some verra awesome things if the Geillis prophecy is true!!!


  38. Loved the videos -- hubby came home and found me laughing my head off with my book in hand. Think he may try to send me off to crazy farm -- Know he would if he really got how much I want Jamie, Claire, and Clan Mackenzie to be real.

    Liked Anonymous ideas

    But here is one of my own -- that thought that keeps squirrling around in my head

    Wait for it.......

    Fergus -- is he Claire's grandfather???????? If he's the Beauchamp heir, could he be? Claire doesn't know that Percy took his wife's name of Beauchamp and that's why there is no resemblance. But what about Fergus?

    Also, I think Kenneth is somehow connected to Rob Cameron and Gellis will make another appearance.


  39. I forgot re:Exile

    Page 5 -- the mountains are majestic and noble , and I think it's a nod to Jamie's character.

    Only think I didn't like about the book, is the in the pic where they are finally in bed (all shirt discussions aside-- and yes, they should have had them on) Why does Claire have demon hands? Seriously, what is up with that. They look like some sort of succubus monster hands.


  40. Charmaine - yes I think Fergus is related to Claire - although it would be more like a great great great great great great great grandfather, right? ALSO - I TOTALLY agree with you about Rob Cameron and Geilie. I think Kenneth IS Rob Cameron - or something wacky like that. I guess the age is off though. I am so stoked for Book 8 to come out I can hardly contain myself. I only have - what - 2 more years to wait? LOL

    I'll be hanging at the looney farm with you. No worries. We'll play fish and Crazy 8's. :)

  41. hilarious!
    Jamie's backside was never pictured in the book, was it? I thought it was Kenneth.
    I can't believe that D. Gabaldon would allow something that glaringly inconsistent.

  42. I'm at the end of listening (while I work) to part 3 and GUFFAWED at Carol's "look at these stunning buttocks" and then laughed even HARDER when Carol gets all offended that Tracy didn't laugh and her hoping that SOMEONE laughed at that--I DID!!

  43. ROFLMAO Elizabeth!! That was SO funny! I was like "Hello?? How can you not laugh at a word like BUTTOCKS?!" LOL!!!

  44. Lillian - page 5, 5... ;)

  45. Okay, I absolutely LOVED Jamie's backside. What a wonderful sight!

    Jem as an heir? Hmmm I might be okay with that. I still think the ghost is Jamie in book 1 because of that line where he tells her not to look for him and that he will wait forever and find her... I think that is what happens there.

    Kenneth, could he be the unknown Indian that Claire finds in the woods or is that Rob? I need to go back and reread a bit as I am forgetting who is who in certain books.

    I loved Murtagh in GN, thought his devotion to Jamie was very well done as well as his love for Jamie's mother. I also liked the conspiring brothers. I didn't put it together until much later in the series exactly how much they wanted Jamie dead. I simply thought there was a few issues that were unresolved with them.

    I also liked the way Murtagh came into Claire's room to kill her. I really thought that it added to the fact that they accept each other so quickly and enlist in one another's help when Jamie is in Wentworth.

    Anyone read the Outlandish Companion? I ILLed it and it just came in. Not sure If I want to read it straight through or scan for the juicier details...

  46. Amanda - I'm a scanner. I use the Outlandish Companion as a research guide. I love it - it always seems new to me that way. There is always a little tidbit to be found, no matter how small. :)

  47. I don't know if anyone will still see this, but I just read The Exile and (obviously) MOBY is released now. So my question is this:
    Did anyone else notice the similarities between young Jamie and William? I mean, they both fall for a whore who ends up being killed and they are both unable to save her. Also, we already knew that Jamie was a soldier, and so is William. Makes me wonder what Diana is setting up for William's story line lol.

    1. REALLY great points, Smith. I never really thought about that. I know a lot of people would say that William isn't half as strong as Jamie and could never handle what he's been through...but I contribute a good chunk of Jamie's strength to having overcome obstacles (some horrific) throughout his life. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. So many William will still be doing some growing up - and just plain growing - going forward. Thanks for the food for thought!! :)

  48. I have hope for William :)

  49. I am so late to this party! I wish I had found you... well, seven years ago! I love your videos. Thank you for the lovely discussion! I'm catching up, I've read the first book, have seen the first season, and am watching the second season. I just got my hands on Exile hoping it would answer a question that's been bugging me. Maybe someone can shed some light?? Jamie's desire to protect Claire is very evident right from the get-go. He never wants to see her in harm's way. So how in the world does Dougal end up taking Claire to see the Garrison Commander?? Or better, Why does Jamie LET Dougal take her to BJR? Does Jamie know he's taking Claire to BJR? Based on Jamie's already intense feelings for Claire it seems unlikely he would let her go if he knew. I could have used just a couple of lines of explanation to hear what went down before Dougal left with Claire.