Friday, September 3, 2010

New Purgatory Video: We Discuss "The Making of The Exile"!


  1. It pays to stay up late. In the pics of Jamie, before and after, I like all of it from the mouth up. The chin looks pointy and the neck is like a football player. Then in the pic where Claire and Jamie are up in the hay he looks totally different and a little dorky. But I STILL CAN'T WAIT!

  2. Great video! The split-screen worked well!

    I was happy to read that Jamie is built more like a basketball player than a football player. There are several instances in the book where Claire describes him as long and lean, so I've never thought of him as beefy.

    I agree on his hair. It's a bit mullet-ish. It screams 1983, not 1743. I hope they fixed that. Ultimately, it's all good though. I'm just happy to have the book at all!

  3. Saaaaeeee excited!! I think that there will only be graphic novels for the first Outlander book. My guess is that there will be 3 since this one coming out is the first 1/3 of the story?

    Still lovin' chesty delux. And I would lurve to find the 'origional' wedding night picture!

  4. Oh, and by the way- I think that his hair is just supposed to be combed back away from his face vs actually being a mullet? And the front is the result of his cowlick?

    Even if it was a mullet, I'd still do him.

    I love both of those pictures of Jamie. He's TOTALLY my Jamaie.

    "Trust in Diana" Hahah!

  5. you can get a limitid edition print from poisen pen bookstore. only 100 made.$60 each dont knowhat they look like but they have been selling them!..

  6. Love the video! Good job!

    The picture isn't my Jamie. Gabriel Aubrey - oh yes! That's my Jamie!!! But it's a graphic novel - my first ever comic book. (Solemnly forbidden by my father when I was a kid!) So I can live with it!

    Can't wait!!! Thanks again for the video.

  7. I cannot wait for The Exile! Loved the "making of" excerpt. I am off to to see Diana today at the Decatur Book Festival! Squeee!! Hopefully, she'll have some more pics from the book!

  8. Enjoyed the split-screen video very much! You two are highly entertaining, as usual. :-)

    Yes, it's true that THE EXILE only covers the first third of OUTLANDER. No Lallybroch, no Wentworth, etc. Diana has said she's definitely interested in doing further GN's, but it all depends on how well this one sells. BUY MORE COPIES!! :-)

    And check out my blog post here for Diana's comment on the too-risque-for-publication original wedding night scene from THE EXILE. It should be up on her blog and web site soon, but it's NOT there right now, so don't wear yourselves out looking for it. When it's posted, my guess is that we'll all be able to hear the "SQUEEEEE!!!" from fans all over the world, without even trying. :-)

    Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!


  9. I think it's funny that I'm ripping on Jamie's cowlick in the graphic novel - and yet LOOK AT MY OWN! And dinna get me started on the fake tan. Lordddddd the fake tan!

  10. Megs, you said it all:

    "Even if it was a mullet, I'd still do him."

    nuff said

  11. Didn't Mel Gibson have a bit of a mullet in Braveheart...and I could swear I've seen that hairstyle in other similar times movies. You know what they say - fashion is cyclical so maybe the mullett got it's start from the Highlanders in the 1700's! LOL

    I actually like how he looks a bit different frame to frame - I think Diana talked about that once in one of the discussions about how comics work and what the artists do. It's actually more realistic to me then it being the same every time because think how different we look day to day, hour to hour! I know I don't look the same at 6am as I do at 4pm and you know I have different looks and facial expressions whether I'm happy, mad, doing the deed or whatnot! :)

  12. Speaking of the wedding scene...I would looove to see a picture of Claire running her hands up Jamie's thighs, under his kilt, right before she takes matters in her own hands, ehhh, so to speak. That would be a great picture.

  13. OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Can't wait!!!
    And I agree with Carol, this feels just like midnight sun....
    Why? Oh why? only 1/3 of the Outlander book :(

  14. Carol,
    You are right. When I read about The Exile being only the first 1/3 of the book, I screamed, "Midnight Sun AGAIN!!!"

  15. Oh, and one more thing:
    Have any of you ever seen the body of BB player Dwight Howard?

    Ohhhhhh, yeahhhhh.

  16. I FOUND THE WEDDING NIGHT PIC!! It's been posted on Diana's Blog, 9/8/10....ladies, get your cold water ready. And tell the hubbies to brace themselves for later!!