Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Day After

So my copy of The Exile didn't come yesterday. And I lived. And once again - I wait. Here's my agenda for the day:

8:00: Drop kids at school
8:30: Yoga
9:44: Check the mail
9:45: Shower
10:14: Check the mail
10:15: Make a cup of coffee
10:16: Read The Exile if it came
10:16a: Wait if The Exile did not come

I'll keep y'all posted. My sincere condolences to those of you - like me - who didn't get your copies.

My absolute joy for those of you who did. I canna WAIT to discuss with all of you.

Post Scriptum: Please keep your fingers crossed for me as I will most assuredly end up in a rubber room if that damned book does not show up at my dwelling today.

Post Scriptum Scriptum: Yes, I know I can go to Barnes and Noble but it's the principle of it. I ordered the book and I'm waiting for the book. I'm also just as stubborn about those shopping carts where you have to return the damn thing to get your quarter back. I buck the system. I say "eff you" to "the man" and I give my cart to someone and I don't ask for my quarter back. Not only do I feel like I'M in control.... but getting that quarter really makes some people's day. :)


  1. Praying for its safe arrival today, Carol! When I got home yesterday with my store-bought copy, Charles pouted and confessed that he secretly pre-ordered it for me... and it did not arrive either!! Hang in there - it's worth it!

  2. Ya know, if it weren't for that danged nameless dead French girl....! What did Jamie do?!

    aaarghhh! The inhumanity!!! Where's my copy?

  3. My copy left PA at 1:30 this morning. I won't see mine today, either. I pre-ordered because Amazon gave me a discount. I have verra little patience left.

  4. I'm suffering with you, Carol! Mine's due today! It better get here soon!


  5. I'm giving up on waiting for my pre-order. I'm going to the store today and giving my extra copy to someone as a gift. I canna wait any longer!!!

  6. This is so tragic, Carol! But I'm inspired by your Eff you to the Man fortitude! It reminds me of the Damn the Man party in Empire Records! Except, of course, cooler, with a Patsy and Edina twist in there somewhere (maybe it was the blue cheese)!

  7. Ah, mine has not made an appearance yet either. I should stop walking down to mailbox and just take a lawn chair and some Pinot Grigio down there with me :)

  8. Again - I sincerely love all you guys for commiserating with me and making my damn day. I am loving the lawn chair and the pinot at the mailbox. THAT WINS THE PRIZE!!!!

  9. Carol, honey, I fully share your pain! I did not pre-order because I like to support the local indie store whenever possible. Indie store shows no signs of getting it in, though. So I called the Borders at the local (yeah, that's a relative term in WV--20 miles away)mall. "Oh, that's an online only item." WHAT THE HECK!

    Crisis averted, though. I called the next closest chain store, a Waldenbooks (oddly enough, they are also owned by Borders...go figure), and they have it. Bad news? The Waldenbooks is in a mall in another state(Kentucky), about 30 minutes from my house.

    Am leaving now to got to Ashland, KY. Be back soon. Hope you get your book before I get back.



  10. Got it!! Woo hoo!


  11. Seems you have a bit of the Fraser stubborness streak in you!! I don't know if I could hold out; I picture myself running to the nearest book store. Here's to good USPS vibes.

  12. LOL you guys! Nikki!!! I can't believe you did that - YOU WIN THE PRIZE for best Outlander fan! Holy cow - someone better tell Diana you're headed to another STATE to go get The Exile!!!

    PS - Erin - Tracey said the same thing. LOL