Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sleep Tight...YEAH RIGHT!

Can someone please tell me why there is a BEDBUG epidemic in NYC NOW??? I've been waiting all year to go to this damned ComicCon and meet Diana Gabaldon...and now I've got to worry about BEDBUGS?!

What am I, CLAIRE????????


  1. Oh, Carol...don't you wish you were Claire??? Bring yer cloak!

  2. ha ha!! I am SOOO paranoid about it - you should see the "plan" I have worked out after doing some research. I'm sure I might be going way overboard considering the last 30+ reviews of our hotel on tripadvisor have no mention of them but I know someone that brought bed bugs home from traveling and it was the worst thing ever. It literally cost them $2000 to get them out of their house and they had to go stay with family for almost a month!! plan is that of course I'm going to be checking for them but even if I don't spot them we are going to be keeping our suitcase in the bathtub as well as changing in the bathroom and keeping all dirty clothes in a garbage bag separate from everything else and sealed. I also got some spray to use in our car as well. I'm also packing our clothes in bags as too....THEN we are keeping an entire set of clothes & shoes in our trunk that will be put on before we go in the house. I'll also be keeping our luggage outside for a bit and taking everything straight to be washed in hot water. I'm also debating if hubby and I should stop at our gym before we go home and shower but he just gave me a look and said that is a little over the top.

    I know this probably sounds completely crazy but I am so worried about it and my friend that had them really got me freaked out so I figure better safe than sorry!

  3. Maybe Claire read this:

  4. Okay, I'm letting my inner nerd out for a minute (I was an Environmental Biology major in college) During the mid-90's the EPA banned the two best pesticides that kill the wee bities, Malathion and Propoxur. So, since then they've been slowly making a comeback.
    NYC needs Master Raymond, I bet he'd have a little something in his back room for the problem;)


  5. they say when you get home from a trip, wash everything and vacuum your suitcase.

  6. Oh Anon. You don't know how I wish I were Claire. Today I was reading a blurb from Dragonfly about Claire's dream about Frank... and Jamie was comforting her... and... sigh.. It was awesome. Just truly awesome... right down to Jamie's warm smell mixing with the smell of the bed clothes.

    Brandy and Deda - I am SO WITH YOU. We are already planning the precautions. We are keeping the bags in the bathtub... and taking plastic garbage bags to put the luggage into before putting it into the trunk. Then when I get home, I'm opening my bag OUTside - and putting the clothes into a garbage bag, fastening it, and taking them right up to the washing machine. And I'll vacuum the bag outside and maybe even leave it out there at night if it's going to be cold enough to kill the wee beasties.

    My biggest concern is sleeping with the creepy crawlers. YUCK YUCK AND MORE YUCK.

  7. Beth - I know, right??? We totally need Master Raymond AND Claire!! They'd know what to do!!!