Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"The" Outlander Bracelet!

Hey All - I have some news from MaryFaithPeace over at Etsy about her BEAUTIFUL Outlander charm bracelet!

The price for the bracelet is going up - for various reasons.

Faith sometimes uses different charms but since she's gotten so many orders, she is going to make one bracelet - en mass - so that they're always available. The one being sold on Etsy will be a standard "ready-made-dinna-wanna-wait" version. THAT one will have the standard charms (ones Faith has chosen) on it and is currently at the shop for $75. Creating it takes money and time. (Lordddddd lots of time!) You can, however,  still request to customize your charms and/or re-size your bracelet - just let her know when you get in touch with her.

Also - Faith has to deal with rising costs at Etsy, Paypal and USPS.

And BECAUSE SHE'S SO AWESOME - she will make the charm bracelet available at the $60 price point until September 30th for My Outlander Purgatory customers only!!  You can contact her via email ( - or through Etsy - and make sure to say you are a friend to My Outlander Purgatory! But hurry - after September 30th, the price goes up to $75!

 Trust me: You. Will. Love. This. Bracelet!!!!

PS - Have you already bought an Outlander charm bracelet from MaryFaithPeace at Etsy? If so - we would LOVE IT if you could send us a photo of you wearing your bracelet for the blog!!


  1. A little off topic...but is this the same seller that does Claire's silver Highland design wedding ring? Does anyone have the "non-antiqued" version and does it run small like they say?

  2. I just got mine in the mail today (after stalking my mailbox all week), and it is gorgeous! I absolutely love it! Faith is great to work with, and was super fast in putting mine together with my choice of charms. I'll take pictures later!

  3. I love my bracelet! Well worth the price. I emailed MFP and requested a white sow and a bible (for Roger) Maybe if some others think these charms would be good additions she would get some in. What do you think?

  4. I received my bracelet today!! I'm actually excited about going to work tomorrow to wear it! LOL It is just beautiful and so elegant! Thank you, MFP for being so kind, talented, and tolerant of my inability to follow directions! :-)

  5. Hello all,

    Taking some time off from weaving chain mail (and er - rest my calluses) to say THANK YOU to Rochelle, sanderson11 and La bella for easy, pleasant transactions. Heed the advice of several in this blog though and stay away from "holey furniture" (as in lawn & garden, perhaps) as the charms (and there are lots of them) will get stuck! If you can, share pictures. I'd love to see "my babies" in their new homes....

    Thanks to Carol and Tracey for spreading the word and just being SOOOOOO appreciative of my work.


  6. I am making my own bracelet, and it is a little slow going, picking out my charms. But, I found this great site that is in Great Britain. It has unusual charms, such as a Bonnie Prince Charlie monument charm, Stone Circle charm and many other unusual ones. They weren't that expensive to order either, and the website converted pounds to dollars. Neat..

  7. Hi there! Newbie here to post. Have been lurking for weeks, and saw the photos and info for the stunning bracelet. After a couple of emails, it was ordered 'as is', and have mercy on us, it arrived a few days later - yesterday in fact!

    Faith is a love to work with, and I'm so grateful I found you guys here - would never have know about THE BRACELET otherwise! Hey, I didn't say that it's just so beautiful and totally unique, and I'm wowed by all the work it took to design and put it together. Plan to get a photo up soon.

    Thanks again,Faith! [G]


  8. Joy, you were a pleasure to work with! Since I finished your bracelet, new charms have arrived (and continue to arrive). I will have them all up in the store soon. Now, if only my copy of The Exile would get here (sigh).....

  9. Hi there,

    I just got my bracelet yesterday and Faith asked to post my feedback here, so there it goes.....
    First of all, I want to say that Faith has been wonderful to work with, she is professional, dedicated and knows her craft very well. According to her it seems that I have started a new trend and she wanted me to mention it here. I order my bracelet with the basic 26 charms and then I asked her to add me another 12. Well, I can't begin to tell you how amazing and elegant it came out. I absolutely love it.
    So, thank you to Faith for an outstanding job and thank you to Tracey and Carol for wearing the bracelet in comic con, if I had not seen it there, I would have never found out about it.
    As soon as I can take a picture of it, I will post it

  10. Deb was an absolute pleasure to work with! I was hesitant to add more charms to the chain mail, but she made a believer out of me. The result was a chunky, jingly, eye-catching piece of jewelry celebrating DG's Outlander. Simply stunning! Thanks to Deb, this option is now available for the Outlander Celtic Link Bracelet. This allows you to pick out more charms - and there are several NEW ones that have arrived. Enjoy!

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