Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Exile Depressed Food Consumption Update #1

I just ate a spoonful of blue cheese dressing - straight.


  1. You are making me anxious to go home to see if my copy has arrived. Sadly I am afraid it will not be there! (You could just buy another copy and return the one you ordered. The pain of depression offset by the $5 return postage. Sadness v. expensive Starbucks?)

  2. Carol, I feel your pain. Have been in the same boat-- and refusing to go buy a 2nd copy, mostly because I want to be able to afford things like groceries, etc.

    I have a stash of mini twix, mini milky way, and about half a bottle of riesling... And battered paperback copies of Voyager and The Firey Cross.

    My hardback copy of Outlander itself? That's in the same shipment with The Exile.

    Kill me. Or rather, don't, as I want to live to read The Exile... Auuuugh. Where are those mini twix?

  3. Dove Chocolates and a bottle of wine may numb the pain.

    Or, maybe some good old fashioned whiskey? Whiskey seems to always help, no matter what the problem, in the Outlander series.

    So sorry for you, Carol. I KNOW how much you were looking forward to The Exile release.

  4. Ah, yes. Whisky will get me through!

  5. So that's why I'm eating everything in site, thought it was the curse coming. I didn't get one yet either. I thought I could get it local but came home empty then plowed through the kitchen like Ms PacMan mouth.

  6. Right there with ya...and Ben & Jerry's....Twitted #TheExile all day to no avail...Mail lady has come and gone....box is E-M-P-T-Y!!!

  7. Hope you got it and enjoyed it!!

  8. This is sad news. McDonalds french fries and a McFlurry always do it for me :)

    This is why I never preorder and just get it from the store. Its always depressing when it comes late!

    I'm sorry!!

  9. I have never pre-ordered before and I will never do it again either. I hate that friends have been emailing me teasers and mine was JUST shipped yesterday (21st). What's the point of pre-ordering if you end up waiting longer for the book than if you walked into a store. *sigh*
    Chocolate pudding was my sedative.

  10. I love all of you guys. I seriously do. You all feel my pain - I can feel that right through the computer.

    I'm happy for those of you who got The Exile and sad for those of you who are licking your wounds like me.

    Never again will I preorder. COMMA HOWEVER - If the release date was a Wed - Fri, I might have gotten it. They shipped it via USPS - and released/shipped is on Sunday with a "two day shipping" promise. Well Sunday isn't included since the Post Office doesn't deliver on Sunday... so I lost a day.

    I am happy to report I kept it together after the potato chip and spoonful (or two) of blue cheese dressing. But I did make a ridiculously comforting chicken pot pie (is there any other reason to make chicken pot pie?) complete with Pillsbury crescent rolls on top. Gourmet? Hell no. Comforting? Hell yes.

    Happy shipping vibes to all of you who haven't gotten The Exile yet! I'm praying with ya!!!!

  11. This post made me CRACK UP laughing, hysterically! Too funny.
    I'm off to get my copy now!