Friday, December 11, 2009

Wedding Bands

 SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 9 in DRUMS OF AUTUMN.  

Why is Claire still wearing Frank's gold wedding band on her left hand? She barely loved him. They didn't have a tremendous marriage. Mofo's DEAD. Why is she still wearing that band? Take it off! You're married to Jamie now! I can understand why she kept it on before going back to the future; she felt bad for leaving Frank. But Frank's time has come and gone. He had his time with Claire. It's JAMIE'S turn now. TAKE OFF THE GOLD BAND.


  1. This is one of the great mysteries of these stories, the whole "why does Claire still wear the ring" puzzle. I get why she wore it all through Outlander and DIA--guilt, wanting to honor Frank's memory in some way, etc. But really--after he died, dontcha think she would have taken it off? Though I guess the fact that she didn't take Jamie's off either--when he was for all intents and purposes dead to her--says something about what these rings symbolize to her.

  2. I totally get why she didn't take Jamie's off. But not Frank's. Guilt over the way he died, I suppose. But she's never really delved into that too much. You'd think after all the delving she did in Outlander, she'd be all "It's my fault he's dead!" now.

  3. Amen! I am SO with you on this one, Carol!