Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A New Banner

Check out this new banner I whipped up (with all my amazing graphic design skills; NOT! I know I suck.) I got the original photo from my friend, Hugh, who happens be from Scotland, y'all. Born and raised. The photo is below - he sees this view from his house near Glasgow. (He calls these mountains in the background "hills" by the way.) Let me tell you something about Hugh: He's got a thick Scots accent and if he wants to mess with your head, he's tremendous at it. Ye willna understand most of the shite coming from his mouth if he lays the Scots on thick. Or worse - if he starts throwing the Gaelic around. He used to fool the wee lassies in college and speak to them in Gaelic - and the dopey girls would just bat their eyelashes at him and say "oh really?" having no clue he wasn't speaking English. It was truly comical.


  1. Dear Carol's friend Hugh--can ye please make a .wav file of you reading some choice Jamie lines from Outlander? May I suggest page 839 of mass market paperback, paragraph 6? Or anything in chapter 14 or 15? Thankee.