Sunday, December 6, 2009

Scene Suggestion: "All I Want is You"

OK I just had a vision and wanted to share as well as get it written down before I empty the dishwasher or something and TOTALLY forget.

Imagine this - the witch trial scene. Slow motion. Claire and Geillis' wrists are tied up - and we're hearing "All I Want is You" from U2.  Jamie comes riding in on his horse - remember - all of this is in slow motion. The song makes the scene completely eerie as you're seeing various shots of the two women hanging by their wrists - Jamie flies off his horse and cuts Claire down... and the end of the song is playing where Bono is sceaming "All I want is YOUUUUUU.... all I want is YOUUUUUU..." and during the guitar portion at the end Claire looks over - sees Geillis' vaccination scar - their eyes meet, just as Geillis sees hers. Then Jamie whips her up on the horse - and they ride off...

Go listen to it right now. RIGHT FREAKIN NOW. And picture that. My god I can't wait for this movie. Somebody please tell me Randall Wallace is really working on this screenplay as I type. Please.


  1. Someone needs to make a video (or a mini-series!!!) of that. Or at least a YouTube vid. ;)

  2. Ugh. Sassy - You are SO right. I need more time in my life. I think of so many cool things I'd love to do with youtube, etc.. but then I have to go to Toys R Us and beg for Zhu Zhu Pets! It's maddening! January will be Better Blog Month for sure!! :)

  3. Resist the Zhu Zhu pets! Haven't you heard there's something funky going on with them? They've got too much of some chemical or something. And here I was thinking they were kind of cute and considered getting them for my BOYS. ;)

    I don't even know how to Photoshop, much less make a YouTube video. Almost holding my breath for a miniseries. I think something's sort of in the works anyway.

  4. OMG Sassy - I think we have some of those little Zhu Zhus already! Actually I think I read yesterday that it's bogus and they're safe; I'll have to look that up again. Either way - they're nowhere to be found. AND AND AND - I'll have to post a few things about Randall Wallace (Braveheart) writing the screenplay for the Outlander movie. It's on his IMDB page. I'd rather an HBO series because there is just too much to cover in one film. Did you watch Rome? Holy god that was the greatest show of all time. I am big into the cable series instead of movies. The Tudors is another favorite. My god - we could see Jamie and Claire every week for 3 months. OutSTANDing!

  5. Have not seen Rome, but would like to. Yes, I totally agree, a cable mini-series would be TONS better than a piffly movie. Then...they could continue on for years, showing ALL the books. Oh dear God, I might swoon.

  6. hi carol and sassynach
    i agree with you both, a mini-series any day (too late now though) how can they fit in the story in one film, without butchering it? a series could be truer to the book/books and if rome and the tudors were good (and they were) how fantastic would outlander be in all it,s original glory? i think (or at least i think i do) that unknowns are needed for the parts of jamie and claire though.