Friday, December 11, 2009

River Run and Bree's Great Auntie Jacosta

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have started chapter 10 in DRUMS OF AUTUMN.  

Lord I'm a sucker for familial relationships. I think this may be my first cry of Drums and thus, I feel compelled to write about it. I never expected to feel so emotional when Claire met Jacosta for the first time. But... wow. It hadn't clicked beforehand that she's Bree's blood relation. When Claire said her handshake felt like Bree's, that was it for me. My eyes got all watery and I couldn't even see the words on the page. (Reminds me a little of Bella in New Moon when she was crying and couldn't see Edward clearly. She referred to the process as "insanity". But I digress.)

This book has been absolutely beautiful so far. It truly has. When I spoke with Jenn M. at school pickup this afternoon, I said it feels like Drums is Diana's gift to us; the gift of Jamie Fraser. So far there hasn't been too much of that roller coaster feeling... (love the highs, not always crazy about the lows)... just a constant warm feeling of Jamie and Claire goodness. We all giggle about how much we love the sex scenes in all the books... but so far it's been mostly sweet remarks and loving glances. (I know, I sound like a sap, but I canna help it when we're talkin' about James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser, Sassenachs.)

OK that's it for now. I. Must. Read!!! Jenn and Shannon are pages and pages ahead of me. Someone get me away from this computer!!


  1. Glad to see you've met Meryl--I mean Jocasta...;-)

  2. Wasn't envisioning Meryl. Verra interesting choice, Sassenach. I'd say I've been thinking closer to Helen Mirren. She's sexy as hell - has the perfect silver hair and can most likely do the accent pretty well.

  3. Sorry lassie--if you've played the Queen, you can't play Jocasta...

  4. Pshaw. Girlfriend took her clothes off in a calendar movie. She is Jacosta.