Sunday, December 6, 2009

Drums of Autumn

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have reached page 5 in Drums of Autumn.

OK I'm peeking. Just a little. Had time for a quick snack and well.. I couldna resist taking a wee look. I'm only on page 5. Here are my observations so far:

Brianna is so coming over. Diana says the book has a lot about fathers - and thanks her own. Mmmm hhmmmm. Brianna is SO coming over.

LOVE the ghost prologue. Oh my god I love it so much I want to let it get to 3rd base with me in the back seat. I might have to type it out and put it on the blog so we can all pray to it every third Tuesday.

Getting a "The Other Boleyn Girl" vibe since this starts with a hanging, just like that did.

Not sure about the setting; Charleston, South Carolina. It's a beautiful area of the country, don't get me wrong. But I'm a Yank. And I have to assume this book is going to have lots of redcoats all over our asses in the years leading up to the Revolutionary war. And since my hometown borders Valley Forge, PA, I was kindof hoping for some stories of Jamie Fraser hanging near where I grew up, so I could take my local Sassenach posse on a field trip. I also figured we'd be seeing Jamie at the tea party in Boston.... but instead we're going to be subjected to Claire's shift being stuck between her breasts in  unbearable Southern temps. But dinna worry, lassies... It's all good.

Oh and speaking of Redcoats being all over our asses in the colonies, I'm thinking Diana shouldn't have killed Jack Randall. Wouldn't he be outstanding in that capacity?

PS - And speaking of Jack Randall and the colonies, this makes me miss Heath Ledger. :(


  1. Thought the SAME thing re: the dedication--way to spoil things, DG! Actually, I was on the same wavelength as you re: Brianna when I started. I was like, OK, we have to have SOME sort of a big reunion scene, right? And unless J/C are going to be separated again, that means it's gonna have to be Brianna.

    Re: Other Boleyn Girl--thought the same thing there too.

    Jesus H. Roosevelt CHRIST I love The Patriot. I have to say that I often think of Heath Ledger for the role of Fergus (tho he's prolly too tall). And the more I think about it, the more I think Mel G. may be my Colum, I'm doing a reread of Outlander, and she keeps going on about how from the waist up, Colum is tres hot.

  2. OK that's verra interesting, Sassenach, but you forget one thing. Mel USED to be tres hot. Not sure what's happening there now. I do know one thing; his new baby mama seems to look like the Octo-mom. I also don't know how much work Mel really gets these days since his nutty drunken rant. But I would think he'd be tight with Randall Wallace, no?

  3. Wait just a gosh darn second. I don't have my book with me (I'm out of town at the moment!), but have we figured out WHO the ghost in the prologue is?? I think I was confused when I read it, but then never pursued it...hmmm.

    And yes, Mel's baby-mama DOES look like Octo-Mom.

    Keep reading!! ;)

  4. As of Voyager, we have NOT been told definitively who the ghost is. I could tell you what we know or don't know after Drums, but I am not allowed to say anything upon penalty of death by Carol. I could also tell you what I have read re: speculation on various DG web sites, but again, I'm not sure I'd survive the telling... ;-)

  5. Okey doke. I've read all the books, so it wouldn't spoil me, but I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone else.

    Any clues?? Email me?

  6. Tracey you're talking about the ghost in the beginning of Outlander - and Sassy, you're talking about the ghost in the Drums prologue, right?

  7. Love this blog! Followed *cough* stalked it from mybronzehorsemanpurgatory. Been reading the books and falling dismally behind on my work. But ye ken I dinna care :)

    So just started DoA and loving it... But just two questions - HOW did Fergus get to America and where is Marsali? Weren't they left behind on the islands?

    1. Welcome Birdy! Glad you found MOP!! :) Your questions are awesome but my memory is not! LOL! I will think on this...and I forwarded your question to Tracey to see if maybe she knows. I am also going to put a message board on the site because we need to be able to discuss this stuff somewhere where everyone will see your comment!! :) PS - SHURA!!! Can't wait until Paullina gives us more info on a Bronze Horseman film or series!!

    2. Hi Carol. Thanks for responding :) Btw my name is Nosipho, Google decided to call me Birdyvia etc for whatever reason.

      Figured it out as I read on thanks. Fergus must have gotten word from Jamie to come to America and Fergus decided to leave Marsali on the islands until the baby was born.

      As for SHURA... I can't decide who I love more - Jamie or Shura?