Friday, December 18, 2009

My New "Fiery Cross" Theory

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you've already gotten to where Roger is on his way to Inverness in DRUMS. Not sure what chapter. At least halfway through. Page 464 or something? I canna remember and my book is in my car an it's way too frigid at the Jersey shore to go outside right now.

OK y'all. I came up with a possible theory this AM and I had to share. So Roger knows that Bree has either crossed - or is crossing soon. *I* don't know if she has crossed or not but will hopefully be finding out shortly. NOW - here's my possibility (not really a prediction yet; not enough info).

I was thinking about Bree crossing this AM... and how Diana is always writing about Roger and we never really get inside Bree's head.  I thought "well I don't want to just find Bree in the past... I want to experience crossing over WITH her." And I wondered if maybe Diana would ever go backwards in time and go BACK over something that we have already read - but in someone else's mind - ie: Bree. It was at that point that I thought "Trask...".... no wait - what I really thought was "Bree crossing over....The Fiery Cross....Bree crossing over... The Fiery Cross...  So THEN I thought - WAIT A MINUTE - maybe THE FIERY CROSS isn't referring to the NOUN "cross" at all. Maybe it's referring to the VERB "cross" - and it's going to be about Bree's crossing. And we'll get HER story.

So - in summary - I'm thinking MAYBE the rest of this book will show us Roger traipsing around Scotland, looking for Bree and finding some little adventures of his own. (And maybe a return to LALLYBROCH! Squeeee!) while continuing to tell the tale about Jamie and Claire in the backwoods of North Carolina. And then the Fiery Cross will start off in the future - but at a time we've already covered with Roger, Jamie and Claire while Bree crosses over... and then we'll get to experience her cross over and subsequent adventures and mishaps until her final settlement in North Carolina with Jamie and Claire and her new husband Fergus after Marsali dies of the morbid sore throat. Poor Roger... although maybe he's going to take up with one of Ian's sisters at Lallybroch after their husband ALSO dies of the morbid sore throat. Ahhhh the possibilities....

Oh man. I can't WAIT to read tonight!!! The snow is headed our way (I live in NJ)... I'll have a roaring fire... maybe a wee dram of scotch... and JAMIE! It's truly literary nirvana.

PS - I'm giggling at the thought of Tracey and Sassy laughing their butts off at me if I'm completely off base. But admit it - if I'm wrong - it would be a cool way to do it, would it no?


  1. Trask, radio...Trask, radio. ROFLMbloodyweeAO, Sassenach.

    "I've cleared the month of June. And I am, after all, me."

  2. BTW, I do like that idea of Fiery Cross as examination of going through the stones. Hmmm. And I havena even peeked at the book yet, so I really don't know what it entails!


    I've sortof changed my theory though. Well - not sure if I've changed it or not. Geillis DID have crosses next to people in her wee book.. people who crossed over successfully. So yes - I'm still thinking that's what "cross" might mean. COMMA HOWEVER - since we've already seen Brianna in Scotland circa 1768 - it's an anti climactic theory. I didna think we'd see Brianna at all anymore in this book when I made that slight prediction. Now she's there - already crossed over - so who knows.

    PS - if you comment further - she JUST got to Lallybroch - so please don't talk about anything past her arrival and argument with Laoghaire!! :)

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