Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quick Drums Update

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read until you have read chapter 41,  Journey's End.

Well - it happened. Jamie met Brianna. Yawn. Diana - in her usual Diana fashion - gave us a very anti-climactic meeting, a lot like when Jamie saw Claire again after 20 years. I have to believe she does this for a reason, Sassenachs. I really do. It's one of those times where I just have to close my eyes and TID ("Trust In Diana").

Oh and one more thing:

Dear Mr Nickelodeon,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a little thing called the "Spongebob Marathon". 

We're snowed in but my children are happy. And my husband is napping. And I am now going to read. There is a couch calling my name next to a fireplace that is blazing bright.




  1. OK whaaaa-haaa??? The Claire/Jamie reunion--ANTICLIMACTIC???? ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME???? That is the best part of this entire series so far!!! OMG, seriously, I may have to resign as your mentor, ye wee bloody blind shrew!!!!

    I will give you that the Bree/Jamie reunion WAS anticlimactic, for two reasons: 1) as I've been saying all along with Drums, one flaw of DG's plot structure is that she hasn't gotten the audience as invested in Bree, simply because we haven't spent much time in her head. So consequently, I wanted to know during the reunion not what she was thinking, but what JAMIE was thinking. And 2) I didn't buy for one bloody second that Jamie had absolutely NO inkling who she was. I know he never expected to ever see her, but still--how many six feet tall women with red hair, slanted cat eyes, and a wide mouth, whose pictures he's studied like they're works of art, does JAMMF see every day? I canna believe that it took Bree being all, "My name is Brianna--I'm you're daughter, doofus!" to get him to figure it out.

  2. Jamie/Claire reunion :

    I'm talking about how it came out of nowhere with not nearly as much build-up as I was expecting. Like it wasn't time for it to happen yet, but it did. She went through the stones - hitched a ride to Edinburgh - walked in his shop - and that was that. I was expecting more pomp and circumstance. I was thinking it might happen at Lallybroch - for one. And I was picturing her riding in on horseback or something... with a great running-to-each-other scene and a massive freak-out on Jamie's part. Not that I didn't enjoy the fainting; that was cool. It was just way more subtle than I originally expected.

    We've discussed this before. Why are you acting like this is anything new that's coming out of my mouth?

    In your own words, oh mentor, CHILL.

  3. Well, the words "anticlimactic" and "Claire/Jamie reunion" juxaposed so closely are new. I think the better turn is "abrupt" or "rushed." I might be on board with that.

  4. I nearly cried at each "reunion". I LOVED that Jamie fainted when he saw Claire. LOVED LOVED LOVED IT.

    I understand about wanting the Jamie/Bree meeting from Jamie's POV, but pffft. 'Twas still good for me. I don't think he EVER expected to see her in the first place, so probably couldn't fathom her ever appearing in front of him, right after peeing. ;) lol

  5. Okay - so after finally getting through the "seeing" of one another, I can't believe how this couldn't be riveting to all who know Jamie Fraser. How moving it MUST have been to him to see his daughter who he had believed he would never get to see, touch, or speak to. "Darling"..."My blessing" (tear down the cheek). Yes, Jamie's POV there might have been much more descriptive, however, I am pretty sure we know him well enough to know how mind jarring this meeting must have been to him.

    To back up a bit...I never noticed an post about Bree & Roger's um...reunion? Was it only me who thought their - consummation - was thoroughly enticing? I know we all LOVE US some Jamie / Claire action, but I'm not gonna lie - I was pleasantly surprised at Bree & Rog. (Until of course she scolds him and leaves him in the dust.)

  6. BTW - kudos to Bree for spilling the beans about Laoghair's malicious intentions years past.

  7. Le sigh. So compelling - all of it. I have to go back and read the Jamie/Bree reunion section soon. And yes - I loved that scene with Roger and Bree. I was like "Whoa. WHOA!" - you're not really expecting that type of scene with anyone but Claire and Jamie!

  8. It's strange but I'm not that into Roger and Bree. I mean it's great that they're married and all that but over the entire section I was trying to read quickly so I could be reunited with Claire and Jamie. But as for anticlimactic reunions... Really? I couldn't stop laughing and crying and laughing and crying for both.

  9. Hi there! So, I'm a pretty late comer to your AWESOME blog. I stared watching Outlander about a month and a half ago and ended up starting the book series because I couldn't handle the idea that Claire and Jamie end up separated with no hope of reuniting. (I had never heard of the Outlander series prior to TV didn't know that there were eight books so far.) I ended up watching season one and part of season two in about six days and then reading all eight books in a little under two weeks. I'm now re-reading at a slower pace.
    You mentioned that you were disappointed by the ant-climactic nature of Jamie's meeting Bree for the first time. I think I'm going to disagree. To me, the very restrained nature of the writing gave the idea that there was such incredible emotion and passion running through both of them that it had to be restrained or they would both end up losing themselves. (Or to quote TV Jamie: "Still waters run deep, ye ken?")
    Maybe part of my emotion over it is because my father left my mom (and the three of us grown-up but still in the area children) a year ago. It's been a year since I've seen my dad and - even if I would - he's changed. If I was to be able to actually step into the arms of the man I remember as my dad....the thing that would strike me the strongest would be the sense of safety and coming home. Which is why - when I read that scene in DofA - I started crying. Because what goes through Bree's head is exactly what I wish for sometimes.

    1. WELCOME Alicia!! Thanks for commenting. :) Yes - Tracey was the same way about Jamie/Bree's meeting. I think by the time you get to Drums, things are calm - and comfortable (in a good way) and everything isn't going to happen in such an "OH MY GOD!" way. I love everything Diana does it's all good. 😘