Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ladies of Lallybroch

Just have to make sure I mention the Ladies of Lallybroch website. I come across it periodically when I'm searching for specific Outlander series info. Today I stumbled upon this awesome section on their site where this Scottish fellow recorded himself saying different lines from Outlander. My sister Tracey made me ask my friend Hugh (from Scotland) to do this to which he replied "I wouldn't even know how to make an MP3 file" - or something of that nature. (Perhaps this was preceeded by an "Och!" I'm not really sure. Some things are lost in translation where email is concerned, aye?)

What really sucks is that I canna truly research the site, because I'm terrified of spoilers! So I just come upon it - peek a little - then quickly close it. I feel I owe these wonderful women a "Thank you" because I can tell the site is really awesome - even if I can't let myself properly peruse it!

I also have to throw out some props to the Ladies of Lallybroch because they are mentioned by Diana Gabaldon, herself... in The Outlandish Companion. Does it get any better than that? Maybe my Julie and Julia post was wrong. Maybe Miss Diana wouldn't totally loathe my site; maybe she'd just think  it was a little silly. And I could TOTALLY live with that.


  1. That site is awesome--however, STILL no mp3 of The Nine Greatest Words Ever Spoken. Mmmmphm.

  2. I. Mean. To. Take. My. Time. About. It. Aye?

  3. So I see that in the header for the website you have a quote from Herself (with which I agree, utterly hilarious indeed!) so she's seen your blog now! Just wondering how that came about :)