Saturday, December 26, 2009

Daniel Cudmore as Jamie Fraser?

Jenn M. brought up a good point the other day... and I feel I have to look into it further. She suggested Daniel Cudmore - aka Felix from New Moon - for Jamie Fraser in the Outlander movie. At first I thought "He's OK - yeah he's big but I dunno..." But the more photos I see of this 6'5" fellow, the more I'm thinking she's right. If he could do a Scottish accent, that is. Let's review. He's HUGE for one thing. He's got a straight enough nose. He's got this interesting dark auburn hair that has decent red glints in the sun... (see the middle photo) and I've even seen him with reddish brown (ruddy?) stubble - again, in the sun. I'm thinking he is definitely on the short list. What do you think?


  1. As a long time fan of the whole series, I have to say I have seen many, many suggestions for an actor to play Jamie. Daniel Cudmore is the first one that really, really has merit for me.

  2. Anon -

    I canna take the credit. Jenn M. suggested him and I merely agreed (and then scrambled to find copious hot pics of him online to post on the blog LOL).

    He looks the part. No doubt about it; he's got the correct build.

    And hell - anyone who can beat the snot outta Edward Cullen must be a tough guy (that still burns me up - see my New Moon posts on for further clarification).

    Only time will tell!!


    I see him in this pic, and I'm feeling it. With Emmy Rossum as Claire.