Sunday, December 6, 2009

Starting Drums of Autumn tonight!

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you have finished VOYAGER!

Here is an email I just sent to Tracey, Jenn, and Shannon. Tracey has recently finished Drums of Autum. Shannon just finished Voyager last night (like a good little girl) and Jenn and I have been waiting to starts Drums with Shannon. There. You're all caught up. Now here's my email:

I am so excited about this (Shannon finishing). We can all chat. What did you think of the ending? I wasn't thrilled with Georgia - but - as Tracey said - it was nice to see them calm and at peace and Jamie not having to lie about his identity for once. I liked the hurricane...and dug the excitement of all of them holding on for dear life... but I thought the mast incident with Claire was a little unnecessary. And the fact that Jamie lost his beloved pictures because he had to save Claire made me horribly sad. They better bring Brianna to the 18th century so he can see her in person. What makes me sad is that he'll never see her as a baby again - even if she does cross over. SOB.

OH and I have a prediction. I was lying in bed this AM, thinking about Brianna coming back and if she does, who she'll end up with. I feel like there is only one possibility; Fergus. Which means DG will have to off Marsali. Not that I'd be too upset. She didn't win our hearts in Voyager. I just feel like Fergus is the only logical choice for Brianna. He's the only person close enough to Jamie to be good enough for her (in Jamie's eyes) and even that would be a stretch; Jamie will flip. I also think DG has made Fergus so special in our eyes for a reason. I'd WANT to get them together.

Sometimes it's more fun to predict than to know. When is everyone starting? I am headed to Target (anyone want to come?) and doing various things around the house today - so I won't be starting until later, if not tonight.

Tracey - hold off on starting The Fiery Cross as long as humanly possible. I think it's time we all get on the same page. 

*No Spoiler comments, please! THANK YOU! :)


  1. I give my standard answer to all your predictions: "Hmmmm..."

    I really do want to do a blog about spoilers--just do NOT have the time today. (Note that Carol has given me access to join her in blogging fun here, and I will just as soon as I can!)

  2. Are you kidding? You - my dearest mentor - should definitely be able to post on this blog whenever you want. As long as you EASE UP on the spoilers. When in doubt; DON'T SAY IT. :)

  3. Jus' keep reading Sassenachs.

  4. Sassy--have you read the entire series?

  5. You have long past started reading, so I can assume your head hasn't exploded from the speculation! I can't wait for you to read my favorite parts of this book...and that is all I will say!

  6. You know I wasn't crazy about Georgia but I am thinking it is better than the Carribean. Jamie just doesn't belong there in my eyes!!!

    I hope Brianna does pop through the stones in a future book. I would love to read about Jamie seeing her for the first time!!! I will cry....