Saturday, December 5, 2009

Embarrassed, party of 1 ??

Y'all... I just read parts of Outlander at the salon... because I'm waiting until tomorrow night to start Drums... because Shannon is almost finished Voyager... and Jenn M, Shannon and I are going to read Drums together. (My god that was a run-on sentence, was it not?)

BUT - if you havena read Outlander in a while, I suggest you do so. Pronto. My GOD it's a thrill ride. Holy crap. The entire honeymoon sequence is just so tasty I dinna know what to DO with myself. I was blushing right there in my colorist's chair! I was afraid everyone in the place knew I was reading about sex! And not just any sex... but hot, steamy, tasty, Jamie Fraser's goin' DOWNTOWN sex. Seriously! Dinna - I repeat - DINNA take Outlander to your salon! You'll be mortified because you'll get so wrapped up in it - you won't realize you look like a complete ASS!!!

PS - I keep forgetting to mention - please no spoiler comments! My buds and I have only read up through Voyager. We still have 4 more to go, Sassenachs! THANK YOU! :)


  1. DOWNTOWN is freakin' awesome. I will think of that scene from here on in any time I hear a horse whiney... ;-)

  2. ROFLMAO omg I don't know how I kindof missed that when I first read it. When I went back yesterday and read that section I was like "AHHHHHH" at the horse part. SO funny.

  3. I read Outlander while waiting for Church to start. My punishment was me thinking about Jamie and the honeymood sequence through the WHOLE serman and waiting for God to hit me with a lightning bolt.

  4. Bahaha! y'know, I totally hauled every one of these books around with me... the salon, wherever... they're just too good. Church! That's a good one. I'd fear the rath too!