Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buy a Castle in Scotland

Y'all... if I had $4 million smackeroos burning a hole in my pocket, you'd better BELIEVE this is the first thing I'd do with it.

Make Baltersan YOUR Scottish castle

COULD you be the next Laird of Baltersan?
The castle is for sale. If you have the vision and the passion to breathe new life into this fine Renaissance castle, now is your chance to become its keeper - and claim a grant for around 25% of the reconstruction bill.
The right buyer (individual or consortium) will be able to raise around 75% of the cost of the restoration.
A government subsidy worth nearly £500,000 (approx. $1million) has already been offered by Historic Scotland to cover the remainder.
Buying Baltersan is not an undertaking for the faint-hearted.
But much of the hard work has already been done notably:
  • Historic Scotland grant offer
  • Full planning consent
  • Site clearance - 1,000 tonnes of soil and rubble cleared ready for final archæology, artefacts catalogued, and reusable masonry sorted and stored
  • Architectural and historical research
  • Exhaustive interior design sketches and architects' plans
  • Possible option to purchase additional land
Click here to download Sales Brochure PDF


  1. I will totally buy that with soon as I win the lottery.

  2. I know, right? $4mil.... but you get one back! So we're only talking $3mil. Chump change, right?! ;)

  3. Lemme get my checkbook... ;)

    Screw the kids' college educations...or food! Who needs college or food when ye've got yer own Scottish castle, aye?

  4. We'll just grow potatoes (thank you Claire!) and make our own whisky. No other food necessary.

  5. YES! We'll live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mac and cheese! OMG wasn't that so great when the potatoes came in and they cooked all kinds of potato dishes and made it a huge Lallybrock event? SOB! I miss Lallybroch!