Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Starting The Fiery Cross

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read Chapter 1 of The Fiery Cross.  (I think it's Chapter 1. I just got a new Kindle and don't want to search too hard to see what Chapter I'm on, for fear I'll lose my place. I'm still getting used to it, aye?)

Just sent the following email to my sister, who has also recently started book 5:

So far I'm a little "ahh... whatever" at Bree with all the sudden acting and speaking like she was born in 18th century Scotland. She made some comment that sounded like Jamie - and Claire addressed it immediately and said "Bree is just like her father and has picked up the language" or something that effect (as if they're not speaking English; it wasn't even Gaelic) but it's just... bothering me. I guess maybe I'll change my mind as I get further into it? They are walking back from the meeting with the soldiers and carrying the two babes (another thing on my nerves; Bree has gone from a young college girl to a mother with a babe on her hip, fixin' up the evenin' stew - in about 30 seconds) and Jamie is drilling Roger about the priest  and just found out he's a Protestant.

And how did this marriage between Duncan and Jocasta come about so abruptly? And Jamie isn't a tad bit worried? I know they're friends... but still. Are we to believe it was brewing for some time, only we didn't know about it?


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  2. And said sister's responses:

    Yeah, agree about Bree being all comfy and at home in 1770. I swear, CLAIRE shows more longing for modern day conveniences than Bree does! I do think that the whole disconnect btw 1970 and 1770 could make for some funny anecdotes--too bad DG has not picked up on that, at least thus far.

    And interesting re: Rog being a Protestant, no? This plays into the big theory/prediction I have. See if you pick up on it.

    re: Duncan/Jocasta: We're absolutely to believe that. Don't forget that Duncan has spent the past two years being Jamie's emissary to Cross Creek--that was his job, remember? I thought it was totally believable that by the end of Drums, Duncan and Jocasta were getting hitched. Prolly more a marriage of convenience than anything, but still believable IMO.

  3. Well she is blind and doesn't want to give up control ever so I guess marriage suits the situation. So does that put Bree and Jamie next in line to inherit after Duncan? Or has Jocasta just set up a life estate for herself?