Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Outlandish Companion

OK so my sister/mentor got me "The Outlandish Companion" for my birthday and WOW is it good. I am learning verra cool things, for instance:

Diana Gabaldon got her internet start the same way I did, with a little thing called CompuServe. My first ever "handle" online was something like That was around 1994/1995. Meanwhile Diana was on Compuserve in the late 80s, sharing her early works with others on a literary forum (Jenny explaining what it feels like to be pregnant to Jamie, precisely).

Jamie Fraser is a Taurus with a Cancer moon, which, if you know anything about astrology, is spot on for this man. Which is REALLY interesting because DG didn't write him with that in mind; she didn't even do his chart. A fan wrote to her, asking for Jamie's birthday, so she could do his chart. How COOL is that???  The best way I can explain to any of you who don't know anything about astrology is this: The sign you know you are is your "sun" sign.  What you might not know is you have other signs that dictate your personality, a very important one being your "moon" sign. My moon sign is Pisces - the fish - which is a water sign. I like to say that your sun sign has to do with the way you think - and deal with things, whereas your moon sign dictates the way you feel - and deal with relationships. (I am no expert so please do not quote me on any of this!) The fact that I'm a Pisces moon means it is verra good that I live near the ocean; it's calming and keeps me feeling peaceful. WHY am I going into all this? Because Jamie Fraser is a Taurus - the bull - which makes him stubborn and tough when dealing with things like building... or supervising, etc. But he's a cancer moon, which is a very touchy-feely kind of sign and that's why he's so sweet with Claire. And even horses when he's all "aye sweetheart look at that fine round arse".

There was something else I wanted to mention.. but I forgot what it was because I've been so excited about this book. And I couldn't bring myself to dog ear the bottom of the page where I found it, because this book is so spectacularly gorgeous, I don't want to desecrate it in any way.

More to follow. Much more to follow!

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