Friday, December 11, 2009

I'll be wrapped around Jamie's finger....

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 9 in DRUMS OF AUTUMN. 

"I can see the destiny you sold, turned into a shining band of gold."  ~Sting

Wow. WOW. Did I not just blog a couple hours ago about Claire still wearing her gold ring from Frank? And now it's gone. Wow. I feel bad. I feel like I brought on the pirates! Seriously though. If she had taken the damn thing off before, it would be safe, most likely with Brianna. (I know, I know, nobody likes a Monday morning quarterback... so I'll just be shutting the hell up now.)

SO glad Jamie found it for her. I was NOT looking forward to her having to sift through her, uh, defecatory matter in order to find it. (Been there, done that. My son swallowed a penny once. Note to husband: Don't let the baby play with a penny when he's on the changing table, mmmmkayyyy?)

And the pirates. THE PIRATES. For the love of all that's holy... the damned pirates took the jewels.

Jamie Fraser = Job


  1. Oh, didn't I make the Jamie = Job point waaaaay back the hell in Voyager? He is so Job.

    LOL you guys are making me want to read Drums again!!

  2. SO Job. I'm getting to the point where - when things start going well - I just sit back and cringe and wait for the house of cards to come crashing down.

  3. I am so happy that ring is gone!! I think if I were Claire, the last thing I would do before going through the stones is take that gold band off!!!!

    The scene of her having to drink that ummm what's the word- liquid grossness- to make her vomit up that ring was so funny!!!

  4. OK, I'm a day late and a dollar short on this conversation, but I'm just reading Drums for the first time now. I agree with Carol on the issue of Frank's bothers me every time Claire's bare hand is mentioned. She loved Frank and he isn't the "bad guy" of the story. And now it makes no sense that Claire still wears Jamie's ring on her right hand! If I was Jamie, I'd be tempted to get her a gold band just to keep her left hand looking normal....oh wait, that's right...Jamie = JOB. What's he supposed to buy it with...his looks? :) Back to reading......

  5. I was confused by her still wearing that ring. Why didn't she just give it to Bree with the pearls.
    Anyway do Scots wear their bands on the right hand?
    I am way late to this discussion