Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Ruby Slippers

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you've finished chapter 23 in DRUMS OF AUTUMN.

I MUST make a prediction here. When Claire's horse threw her and she ended up spending the night under the uprooted tree... are we to assume the Indian took her shoes? I noticed that right away. She got up when the rain stopped - almost at dusk - and went up to the burning tree to get warm. And before she left, she reached around for her shoes but couldn't find them. Then when she got back from the burning tree, she reached around again - this time in the pitch black-  and found the skull, along with the opal. And then the Indian came along - watched her - and left. And then when Jamie and Ian found her, they had that CRAZY-ASSED story about hearing noises outside the window and finding her shoes on the doorstep. Um, is it me or is this ALL SORTS OF BLAIR WITCH people???????  I was TOTALLY freaked out by that story - and yet Claire seemed to "get gooseflesh" and then move on to raping Jamie and having a little grub along with her 19th swig of whiskey. (Friggin HILARIOUS scene, by the way. I loved it. And I've NEVER done anything like that. No siree. Not me.)

I suppose at this point I predict it was the Indian who took Claire's shoes - wore them to her house - and left them there - but why? So they'd find her? Was he being nice? Sounded like he was scary with his Mohawk. Then again - the Mohawks are supposedly friendly with the Indians from Anna Ooka?


  1. OMG How much do I LOVE the post-"lost in the woods" scene--it's one of my favorites from the whole series! "Get the hot water, Ian--I'm going to wash your auntie." SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I want Jamie Fraser to wash my feet and rub down my chest with camphor oil and scold me in hot Gaelic and then "scold" me in other ways... ;-)

  2. Isn't he a ghost of some sort or something? And left the shoes so Jamie and Ian would go look for her? It's all a bit hazy for me at the moment.

  3. I had also assumed he was a spirit of some sort.

  4. Dang. I might have to go read this scene again. :)

  5. What led anyone to think the Indian was a ghost? That never occurred to me!

  6. Hi everyone. I'm reading the series for the first time and I've set about to pace myself according to the blog. This was probably also my favourite scene in the series - so far - possibly only topped by the scene way back when in Outlander when Jamie and Claire first say "I love you" to each other. I'm soppy like that.

    P.S. Jamie said he dinna mean to carry Claire to the horses again. Shura carried Tatia on his back all the way from Luga to Leningrad amidst bombings from the Germans in The Bronze Horseman, but I'm not keeping score.

    1. Shu-RA! Shu-RA! Shu-RA! (shhhh...dinna want anyone tae think I'm favoring someone other than JAMMF!) ;)